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Introduction to 3d Laser Scanning Services

Shiva Engineering’s 3D engineering solutions are a fast and accurate method to capture as-built data and measure. We can provide digital twins to every plan, no matter how complex or intricate they might be. The applications for 3D laser scanning services have become limitless due to the rapidly advancing technology. Our team works diligently to keep up with the pace. From Building Information Modeling or BIM, CAD inspections, to reverse engineering, dimensional analysis, volume inspections, and set-up or tool building; our team can tackle any project.

What SES offers in 3D laser scanning services

Light detection and ranging 3D engineering solutions enable you to capture millions of point clouds in a matter of minutes. Our engineers then covert these point clouds to high-quality assets to help you with the planning, construction, and engineering of your projects.

Here are some of the services you can expect from us for 3D laser scanning particularly-

  • BIM & CAD Models
  • Floor flatness determination
  • Dimensional analysis
  • As-built recordings
  • Volume calculation
  • Set-up insight
  • Installation & demolition planning
  • Facilitates construction logistics
  • Eliminate unnecessary costs

As-built laser scanning services:

No matter the size and complexity of your object, Shiva Engineering Services (SES) will help you capture accurate data to provide you with resourceful 3D models or even 2D drawings. We ensure you that our designs and models will have unmatched details that can aid you in the engineering and planning of your project.

Traditional methods would take weeks, if not months to capture such data. Our advanced tools and expertise can get the work done in 70% less time than traditional and guarantee more precision and accuracy. By using our designs, you can improvise your existing plans or rectify any mistakes you may have made. 

Plant Expansion & Maintenance:

3D laser scans create an accurate digital twin of a project or site with point clouds and photos. There are always verification layers applied to the scans to keep them safe. You can use them to create fly-through videos or 2D drawings for presentation or PTWs.

Why Our 3D Laser Scanning Solutions Would Be Best For You

Our laser scanning services are an effective and time-saving method to solve complicated measurement challenges, be it an object or environment. Some of the best advantages are-

  • Accurate, precise, and up-to-date data that would save you money, time, and effort.
  • Would greatly reduce manufacturing processes.
  • Build CAD models for BIM and spatial co-ordination
  • Precise measurements of interior and exterior plants
  • Swift and accurate processes to help you understand your as-built environment.
  • Create safety programs to train your employees

Laboratory And On-Site Inspection

One of our key strengths is our flexibility to work around any project. If your project is small or sensitive, you can send it to us to be inspected at our advanced, certified lab. However, if it’s large and can’t be moved, our team will promptly perform on-site inspection just as easily. 


The world of technology is ever-changing and we try our best to keep up with its pace. SES laser scanning services can improve your operations, streamline productivity, and optimize the processes efficiently. If you haven’t implemented them for your projects yet, it’s high time to start now.

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