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The Indian market is witnessing a renewed enthusiasm for greenfield projects with initiatives like the land bank offering vast acres for greenfield plant setups. India is positioning itself as the ideal destination for setting up industrial hubs. At Shiva Engineering Services, we recognize this growing trend and offer our expertise in EPCM services in India.

Building an industrial facility from scratch requires meticulous planning and foresight, for which we offer project management consultancy services in India to establish a solid foundation for future success. Our team of experienced engineers and professionals has a proven track record of delivering successful greenfield projects for the chemical industry and other facilities like lean manufacturing, pilot plants, warehousing, etc.

6 Major Stages: Our Roadmap to Successful Greenfield Projects

The SES team has an in-depth understanding of regulations, taxation policies, and strong relationships with government bodies. Our EPCM services in India ensure seamless navigation through the unique challenges that arise with comprehensive solutions tailored to the needs of each greenfield project.

  1. Analyzing Commercial Viability and Availability of the Basic Infrastructure

Our team thoroughly analyzes the commercial viability of your greenfield project for the chemical industry, considering factors like uninterrupted power supply, water supply, and cost-effectiveness. We assess the adequacy of the basic infrastructure, including utilities, transportation, and communication networks, to ensure a seamless operational setup.

  • Site Selection and Meeting Regulatory Compliances

We assist in selecting the optimal site, considering the proximity to raw materials, access to transportation routes, and potential environmental impact. Our EPCM services in India include guidance for ensuring adherence to national standards and securing necessary permits and licenses for your plant.

  • Master Planning and Documentation

Our team collaborates with you to develop a comprehensive master plan of greenfield projects for the chemical industry, incorporating architectural, civil, structural, process, piping, electrical, automation, and HVAC scopes. We provide detailed engineering services, including cost estimates, LEED reports, sanitary piping design, effluent treatment plant design, and solvent recovery system design, ensuring a well-structured and sustainable facility.

  • Managing Construction, Installation, and Commissioning

SES’s project management consultancy services in India oversee every aspect of the process to ensure adherence to design specifications, safety protocols, and project timelines. We also handle the installation and commissioning of plant machinery at this stage.

  • Establishing Processes and Hiring the Workforce

Our EPCM services in India extend to sourcing skilled and unskilled labor and providing training programs to equip them with the necessary skills for smooth operations with minimum bottlenecks.

  • Executing Project Management for Timely Completion

We provide construction management and start-up support, including procurement assistance and construction supervision. Our project management team meticulously coordinates on-site activities of your greenfield project for the chemical industry to guarantee a successful and seamless transition from construction to operation.

Benefits and Values Added with Our Greenfield Approach

  • Cut project incubation time and resources: Our EPCM services in India help streamline the project development process, reducing the incubation time and optimizing the allocation of resources.
  • Tailored to specific requirements: Our greenfield projects for the chemical industry provide flexibility in designing and customizing the facility according to specific requirements.
  • Financial advantages and incentives: We help you capitalize on financial advantages like reduced corporate tax and government schemes like the Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme.
  • Unbiased vendor management: We minimize risks through transparent procurement processes and effective contract negotiations.


SES is your trusted partner for EPCM services in India for the greenfield projects of the chemical industry and other industrial facilities. Our experienced team guides you through every stage, from analyzing commercial viability to executing project management. Unlock maximum efficiency, financial benefits, and sustainability by partnering with us.

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