Benefits of Hiring a Project Management Consultant

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India’s industrial facilities face intense global competition and other challenges, including pricing pressures, complex product requirements, and the need to deliver high-quality, durable products. Shiva Engineering Services is a leading project management consultant in India that offers innovative solutions that can help accelerate time to market, reduce costs, and improve product quality.

Our project management team of experts across multiple disciplines is skilled in navigating complex engineering challenges and making sure that projects are completed on time and within budget. With their expertise, our project management consultancy services in India can help clients meet the unique needs of their projects, helping them stay ahead of the competition and thrive in today’s fast-paced business environment.

As an established PMC company in India, SES has a successful track record managing complex capital projects, including fast-track, semi-knocked down, and offsite fabricated plants for diverse clients.

Project Management Consultant’s Functions and Obligations across Project Lifecycle

Our project management team is bolstered by a three-tier resource structure, including a core team of lead engineers, engineers, and designers. Project managers serve as a single point of contact and offer continuous assistance to clients and SES teams. With expertise in multi-disciplinary engineering, SES provides end-to-end support through our project management consultancy services in India, covering the following functions across the project lifecycle:

  1. Effective Project Planning and Execution

Our planning and scheduling services ensure that your project is properly scoped, planned, and executed to meet your timeline and budget requirements. Additionally, our assistance in statutory approvals helps ensure your project complies with all relevant regulations and requirements, avoiding costly delays and setbacks.

  • Financial Management

We offer budgeting and cost control services to help you manage your project expenses and ensure your project stays within budget.

  • Risk Mitigation

Our risk analysis and management services help identify potential project risks and costly mistakes and develop strategies to mitigate them, ensuring your project stays on track.

  • Quality Assurance

Our standardization and roll-out services ensure that all project components meet the highest quality standards and are consistent with industry best practices.

  • Site Management

As a top-notch project management consultant in India, our site supervision, construction management, safety management, inspection, and expediting services provide on-site support and oversight, ensuring your project is completed safely and efficiently.

From Challenges to Solutions: Benefits of Working with PMC Company in India

  1. Improved Constructability: Our project management consultancy services in India can help you identify potential constructability issues early in the project lifecycle, reducing the risk of costly redesigns and rework.
  • Better Supply Chain Management: Material delays are a common risk in any construction project. However, as a PMC company in India, SES can help you avoid these risks by implementing a comprehensive supply chain management plan. This plan can include alternative suppliers, buffer stocks, and contingency plans.
  • Streamlined Engineering Processes: We can help you identify and implement best practices for engineering processes, improving efficiency and reducing the risk of errors, omissions, project delays, and cost overruns.
  • Better Safety Awareness: SES can help you develop a comprehensive safety plan that prioritizes worker safety and mitigates potential hazards.


When maximizing your facility’s potential, navigating engineering hurdles is essential. That’s why choosing Shiva Engineering Services as your project management consultant in India is wise. Our multi-disciplinary engineering expertise and end-to-end support enable us to provide effective project planning and execution, financial management, risk mitigation, quality assurance, and site management services. What’s more, by partnering with us, you can rest assured that your project delivery will be successful, meeting your timeline and budget requirements while complying with all relevant regulations and requirements.

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