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Since 2009, Shiva Engineering Services has been one of the most trusted EPCM company in India to develop and optimize multifaceted engineering projects. We undertake all tasks regarding project controls and project planning. as a renowned EPCM service provider, we have a highly skilled team of engineers and consultants who take responsibility and manage projects through their life cycle stages; starting from project pre-planning, feasibility tests, concept planning, designs & layouts, procurement, construction, and commissioning. 

Shiva Engineering supervises all teams and contractors who get involved in the respective projects. This includes the personal team of the client, any other company that might have partnered with the client (if any), contractors or vendors, and our in-house experts for mechanical engineering, processing, designing, civil & structural engineering, building services such as HVAC systems, and safety or environmental teams. Our extensive experience as an EPCM consultant, combined with our manpower & technology, crafts our name as a leading EPCM company in India. 

Overview of our EPCM services

We are an established EPCM company in India that offers its services globally. This means, over the years, we have incorporated numerous new technologies, business practices, and highly skilled members into the company. EPCM consultancy is extensively sought in the petrochemical, gas, oil, and resources industry. We optimize our services for each client to ensure they get the most optimal solutions. 

Here’s an overview of what we can do for your business as an EPCM company in India-

  • Pre-project planning
    Before moving on with the construction of a project, it’s non-negotiable for a project plan to undergo the harshest scrutiny to eliminate loopholes and unnecessary expenses. Is there any part that uses a significant amount of investment but is likely to not yield as much revenue? Any process that can be optimized, based on new trends? Our team will analyze and remove all loopholes and redundant processes.
  • Engineering:
    As a trustworthy EPCM company in India, we prioritize the basic and detailed engineering of any project to safeguard the structure. Repairs and upgrades are expensive and unbearable when you are new in the industry. We will take care of the architectural engineering, mechanical, cabling, piping, dust control, HVAC, packaging, and material handling. 
  • Procurement & sourcing:Every project would require numerous vendors, brokers, and resources. Finding the right contractors and handling them can take time, patience, knowledge, and manpower that a business might not be able to spare. Our team will broker the best deals for your project with the right vendors to make sure you get your money’s worth. Your project will have the best resources without exceeding the budget. Shiva Engineering, aas an EPCM service provider, will enable you to get the best materials, contractors, and commissioning support that your project needs.
  • Project management:
    Under project & program management, we manage cost & budgeting, risk analysis & management, safety control & management, system inspections, and site supervision. Cost control, budgeting, and risk analysis are important steps for every project. With careful planning, we enable you to acquire and build the best without stretching your finances thin. 

Shiva Engineering EPCM consultant takes care of all activities required for the execution of a project by carrying out all the engineering, procurement, construction, and management. Our evolving technology and engineering abilities have fashioned us a result-oriented project implementation rundown that effortlessly integrates advanced technology and engineering methodologies with compelling management practices. Our resilient work ethics combined with our extensive knowledge as an EPCM consultant has garnered us a robust reputation of being one of the best EPCM companies in India.

Our vision, as a prominent EPCM company in India, is to provide customizable, cost-effective, and modern solutions in the EPCM industry.

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