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Founded in 2009, Shiva Engineering Services offers multifaced, dynamic EPCM services in the USA and India. Our team designs refineries, terminals, processing & manufacturing plants, pipelines, and field facilities.

Our team is cohesive; used to implementing consistent standards, advanced and modern frameworks to create project deliverables. SES has optimized, custom-made technical and non-technical engineering, procurement, construction, management services for clients for over 11 years. 

EPCM Services

We understand the pressure and obstacles a plant faces within the operational environment. With more than a decade’s experience in building and engineering plants, while managing our own, we understand first-hand what a successful turnaround requires and customize our EPCM services accordingly. 

Our engineering, procurement, construction, management services include but aren’t limited to:

  • Engineering & Design Services
    The planning and management before the project physically start is a crucial period where every action must be scrutinized under a microscope to avoid conflicts and big errors. We provide the most diverse EPCM services in the USA. Our team assesses the collected information, charts, and data to find loopholes and errors to eliminate. 

    Our suggestions and optimizations will align with your business goals to ensure you get the exact results you were looking for. Cost management and feasibility tests also ensure you don’t exceed your assigned budget and every process and machinery is suitable for your project.
  • Procurement services
    Securing good-quality, reliable resources, vendors, and contractors is a tough but non-negotiable task while building your project. We can negotiate contracts with vendors, and suppliers to find the best materials, along with evaluating the performance and reliability of all resources and contractors. Our team would plan, select, administer, and find procurements that suit your business requirements and goals the most.

    We also offer start-up support to new ventures such as technology transfer & training, value engineering & constructability, energy conservation, safety management training, remote monitoring solutions, what-if analysis and debottlenecking.
  • Construction services
    Our “construction services” is an umbrella term that covers requirement analysis, cost estimations & budgeting, initial & final designs, tenders, assistance with contractors, suppliers, and arrangement of all procurements. 

    We will implement advanced technologies like 3D laser scans, off-site constructions with integrated designs, pre-fabrications and modular designs to give you the best idea of how the project would look like once finished. All our materials, resources, designs, analysis, and arrangements of organizational support work in conjunction with a successful project.

    We also offer services like:
    – Design & approval from the civil engineers
    – Permits for the place and any legal contracts if needed
  • Management services
    Our management services include financial management, material & energy requirements, manpower & team management along with aiding the contractors, suppliers, and other teams involved in the project. The management is a significant part of the EPCM services that ensure every aspect and operation works seamlessly with the organization or project. 

    Other things that are included in this are:
    – Inspection & expediting
    – Safety management
    – Assistance in statutory approvals
    – Standardization and roll-outs
    – Risk analysis & management

Our EPCM services allow greater flexibility and creative freedom to our clients that empowers them in all aspects. Our solutions are flexible. We offer tailor-made solutions, customized as per the unique requirements of our clients. The team takes a client-centric approach to every project that puts full control with our clients. 

We reserve our client’s rights to alter or modify the processes while in the construction phase, effectively handing over financial and editorial control to them. Our determination and diverse knowledge of the industry makes us one of the most favoured EPCM services in the USA.

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