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Shiva engineering offers diverse plant engineering services in India across mining, power, gas, and oil industries. We deliver multifaceted, industrial plan engineering services and rapid mobilization for all critical problems. 

Our plant engineering services and consultants offer solutions across the entire lifespan of a project, including the front-end engineering design, field support services, and detail engineering. We instal digital industrial plant design technologies in accord with the regulatory standards to deliver operational efficiency and fashion new profit pools from the existing assets and opportunities.

Our industrial plant engineering services
  • Front-end engineering services

We offer cost estimations, budget allotments, reports on all the technical requirements of the project, and potential risk evaluations to prevent mishaps during the implementation. Our front-end engineering design services cover equipment financing, plant engineering, material quantification, equipment pricing and brokering, EPC execution, commercial proposals, and budgeting. 

  • Detail engineering services

Our technology enables you to convert all your front-end engineering designs into product drawings or comprehensive construction sketches for strong project execution. We implement 2D and 3D integrated, multifaceted plant engineering designs to turn high-level specifications, process calculations, data sheets, and concepts into a detailed design. Our detail engineering services improve fabrication, procurement, installation, commissioning, and testing for a diverse range of plant systems. Our wide range of services has garnered us a stellar reputation as one of the best plant engineering services in India.

  • Pipeline designing and engineering

Get a seamless, well-integrated pipeline design, and engineering designs with documents with our multidimensional approach that involves all external and internal stakeholders in the process. We help you safeguard your plant’s equipment and structure against issues generally caused during operational processes. We offer some of the most robust plant engineering services in India.

  • Electrical design and engineering

Shiva Engineering Services has expertise in electrical engineering that spans a decade in the mining, power, oil and gas industries. We offer load lists, power calculations, single line diagrams, cable tray specifications, and MCC layouts. Our electrical design services are one of the most cost-effective and energy-efficient industrial plant engineering services. We also provide technical support for operational maintenance and procurement.

  • Structural design and analysis

We help plants build and verify concept designs, models, and drawings for adequacy and weight optimization, ensuring compliance with the industry standards and regulations. We also provide FEA or advanced finite element analysis to provide to gather insights on effective raw material utilization, structural enhancements, and vibration isolation. All our solutions are unique industrial plant engineering services.

Phases of a project we offer support for

Shiva Engineering Services has been one of the most trusted plant engineering services in India because of our diverse expertise and knowledge. We offer support for-

  • Concept development
  • Site management
  • Basic engineering
  • Procurement
  • Front-end engineering design
  • Extended basic engineering
  • Construction management
  • Commissioning
  • Feasibility study
Industrial Plant Engineering Services We Offer

Well-defined and robust solutions ensure that you get a detailed plan on how we plan on tackling the challenges you are facing. This also puts the power in your hands to request changes in the plan per your requirements and vision. Our gate-controlled services are 100% transparent and understanding, as well as service standards and quality.

  • Layout designing
  • Pipeline
  • Electrical and industrial support
  • Technical documentation
  • Plant safety
  • HVAC
  • Project management
  • Civil and structural engineering
  • Permitting
  • Modules

Shiva engineering services integrate value engineering tactics across the entire project, optimizing your plant’s functionality, layout, assembly, and cost estimations. We aim to boost your production, supply chain, and market value. We have helped our customers to eliminate bottlenecks, and defects, enhance speed and improve the quality of their services or products. With our comprehensive solutions, we have a robust reputation for being one of the best to offer plant engineering services in India.

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