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Whether you are a new company or are a well-established one looking to expand, site master planning and project management consultancy can help you hone your ideas & visions to create a realistic and optimized company or plant. Project management consultancy services in India have evolved and adapted well to all the rapid changes in technology and business. From optimizing their methods to adding more services to their list, project management consultancy services in India can help businesses boost their productivity and reach their goals faster.

Shiva Engineering Services

Over the years, Shiva Engineering Services has become a popular choice as a reliable PMC company in India for technical and non-technical solutions. Our consultants and engineers help clients align their visions with their business goals to create safe & productive work environments with efficient work procedures. As one of the leading engineering consultancy in Gujarat, our team has delivered some of the most advanced onshore & offshore projects across different industries such as refineries, oil & gas plants, construction, chemical industry, and agriculture industry.

We also have extensive site master planning experience in healthcare, education, petrochemicals, agrochemicals, polymers, power, transportation, water, and processing industries.

Our expertise in site master planning

Shiva Engineering Services is dedicated to helping its clients achieve objectives from the pre-planning or brainstorming stage to the completion of the project to deliver world-scale, high-turnkey projects. We pride ourselves on offering bespoke services that allow our clients to learn all their options before making the final decision. We offer to advise based on the factual data in your respective industry instead of applying a one-for-all rule for all our clients. Here are some USPs that make us one of the best project management consultancy services in India:

  • We actively analyze all possible risks and loopholes involved in a project so that we can minimize the risks and safety concerns as much as possible. This includes using better & safer equipment to create safety procedures according to the working environment.
  • We have professionals with extensive knowledge of inventory, raw materials, and supply chain with excellent negotiation skills that can help you broker deals and contracts with vendors and suppliers efficiently.
  • Years of site master planning experience enables us to mobilize every process and step at the right time, with the right resources backing them up to execute the tasks quickly and efficiently.
  • Our engineers use advanced software and resources to ensure every aspect is integrated with modern technology to work at their full capacity.
  • Our project management consultancy services in India are fully customizable, sustainable, and economic. Every client is offered solutions per their requirements & niche, not an off-the-shelf package that amounts to a large bill.
  • We help businesses improve both their business practices and technology to maximize their productivity & quality. From streamlining the primary processes, integrating multiple software for individual tasks, evaluating the workflows, and upgrading the existing technology, our in-depth site master planning experience makes us a stellar PMC company in India.


Our project management consultancy services in India are backed by years of hands-on experience and extensive first-hand knowledge. This enables us to provide our clients with bespoke, holistic, and economic services to deliver multifaceted projects timely.

Our team is fully capable of offering full-spectrum services for every stage of a project; pre-planning, engineering, conceptual & detail engineering, construction, expansion, and technology integration. Backed by positive feedback from our diverse client base, Shiva Engineering Services aims to become a global key player as an engineering consultancy in Gujarat. To know more about our site master planning services, please get in touch with us today.

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