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Shiva Engineering Services (SES) is a leading project management consultant in India that provides exceptional, broad-gauge project management consultancy (PMC) services across industries. SES has a dedicated in-house team of seasoned project managers who are proficient at taking on-the-spot decisions in favour of your projects.
Whether your business is dealing with a large-scale project or a small-scale one, you will need the skills of a project management consultant. That is because PMCs bring expert knowledge that empowers your businesses with informed decisions throughout the project’s lifecycle, from planning to its completion.  SES is the best project management consulting firm that will help you realize your project with increased revenue, low operational costs and improved profit margins.

Our Consultancy Services for Project Management

The project managers at Shiva Engineering Services are backed by our extensive team at the project management office (PMO). Being a best-in-class project management consultant in India, SES follows a three-tier resource structure consisting of a core team of lead engineers, engineers and designers for each discipline. 

We are the best project management consulting firm whose team provide support at all times during the execution of the project. We offer cutting-edge solutions to your complex operational problems through some of our top project management consultancy services:

Budgeting and Cost Control

Budgeting is the most crucial aspect of project management because ROI and cost-effectiveness depend on it. For any project, profitability and growth should go hand in hand and so our project managers make sure that every penny you pay works for your strategy. The cost reduction will help you optimize the working capital and you can invest the freed up cash for more critical operations.
Risk Analysis and Management

A well-defined risk assessment process is essential for the successful execution of any project. Risk management specialists at SES can deftly mitigate costly delays and disruptions by identifying project risks beforehand. SES is a project management consultant in India that designs robust risk assessment programs according to the demands of an individual project.

Safety Audits And Management

SES has always been proactive in ensuring facility and environmental safety. Our team of safety engineers have a long-standing experience in safety studies like HAZOP, HAZID, PHAST, HAC, QRA and so on. After undertaking these safety audits, we can identify and prevent life-critical hazards and operability consequences that may affect the environment, occupational health and assets of the facility.

Apart from these crucial services, Shiva Engineering Services as a project management consultant in India also provides the following extensive consultancy services:

Planning and Scheduling
Standardization and Roll-outs
Inspection and Expediting 
Assistance in Statutory Approvals
Site Supervision
Construction Management

Industries We Cater To As The Best Project Management Consulting Firm

As a top-notch project management consultant in India, Shiva Engineering Services is known for successfully executing the most complex of the projects such as extensive petrochemical and manufacturing facilities. With the expertise of our multidisciplinary team at SES, we can offer a multitude of PMC services across multiple industries:

Manufacturing Industry
Chemical and Processing Industry
Oil & Gas Industry
Construction Industry
Infrastructure Industry


Shiva Engineering Services has now been a reliable and trustworthy project management consultant in India for more than a decade. Our experienced project management consultants have strong financial, analytical, problem-solving and procurement skills. Our consultants position themselves as an extension of your project team and this integrated approach helps us pinpoint any potential delays, technical failures and even the slightest of flaws beforehand. With our extensive and expert consultancy services, so you can leverage the benefits like objectivity, improved productivity, high return on investment and reduced operating costs.

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