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Shiva Engineering Services is a renowned chemical engineering company in India that offers cost-friendly, modern, and effective solutions to all technical and non-technical problems across various industries. Starting from mechanical & electrical issues to general consultancy on the layouts; our team is trained to help you get the maximum yield from your plant. We are a leading chemical engineering company in India because of how comprehensive, modern, yet affordable our chemical engineering services are. 

As a chemical engineering consultant, we offer services for every possible stage of a project such as pre-planning, commissioning, construction, concept engineering, and construction. Intricate piping systems and expansive workspaces are important in chemical plants to avoid safety hazards and bottlenecks. Our engineers can help you design spacious, optimized work stations, set up reliable piping & cabling, design an optimal layout, and put up proper safety standards. 

Our services

After the project pre-planning & sourcing, engineering & management are the most important part of any plant. However, other significant steps get neglected under the pressure such as safety procedures, constructability analysis, facility audits, and detail engineering. We offer a comprehensive array of chemical engineering services to ensure you find all the answers to your queries in one place-

  • Constructability analysis: People tend to skip the constructability analysis during the construction phase. To avoid conflicts and possible errors, constructability tests are done routinely during the construction phase of a project. As your chemical engineering consultant, we will perform routine checks and let you know if anything needs to be altered. Our attention to detail and customizable services has made us a popular choice for a chemical engineering company in India.
  • Site sustenance: From reducing your carbon footprint to checking the site thoroughly to ensure it’s suitable for your project, Shiva Engineering Services takes extra measures to ensure the sustainability of the entire project. We also analyse the materials(like packaging) to make sure they are ecological.
  • System upgrades: A common misconception is that just because the systems are new, they won’t need updates anytime soon. The technology is everchanging and no matter how old or new your systems are, they might need upgrades to keep up with the market demands. As one of the most advanced chemical engineering company in India, you can rely on us to keep you up with all the latest trends in the industry. 
  • Commissioning & start-up support: Sourcing the right materials, brokering with suitable vendors, and managing all the contracts simultaneously does take a bit of an effort. We have teams specifically dedicated to handling the commissions and vendors. If you are a start-up, we also offer both back-end and front-end support to help you kick off the land. We understand that every project stems from unique circumstances & dreams. We are a reliable chemical engineering company in India that caters to all possible needs a chemical plant might have.
  • Greenfield & Brownfield: From overseeing the site to ensuring there’s no safety hazard, our team does a thorough check of the entire premise. As chemical engineering consultants, we scrutinize the land layouts, site permits, and environment with a sharp-toothed comb to detect potential dangers.

We also offer consultancy for mechanical, structural, electrical, and detail engineering. Our services are entirely customizable, meant to solve all your problems as quickly as possible to streamline growth. We have been offering chemical engineering services since 2009 across all possible sectors. Our in-depth knowledge, years of hands-on experience, and dedication to providing economical, effective, and energy efficiency solutions have gotten us a stellar reputation as a renowned chemical engineering company in India. 

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