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Shiva Engineering Services is a well-established chemical industry consultant that has built itself a trustworthy and reliable reputation. As one of the leading chemical process consultancies in India, SES has been dedicated to the modernization, simplification, and improvement of chemical plants all over India. We have come up with numerous cost-effective, optimized solutions for all kinds of problems a chemical company seems to face on a regular basis.
Our services cover everything from project planning, technology, system upgrades, procurement, startup support, and safety management to ensure you get all the solutions in one place. If you are building a chemical company, there are numerous issues to consider and a lot of pressure to meet all the self-assigned deadlines. Our team offers solutions to all your problems at competitive prices. 

Why choose SES?

We are one of the few chemical process consultancy in India that offers solutions across all aspects of a chemical plant. From pre-project planning & modifications to construction to the procurement of raw materials, suppliers, and technology; we offer modernized and intricate solutions at an affordable rate. Here’s an overview of everything SES offers as a process industries consultant to help you understand-

  • Project planning: Our project planning services include both pre- and post-project planning. As chemical industry consultants, we understand that every step will bring new hurdles. Our team takes care of everything, so you can focus on the project itself instead of juggling between contractors and vendors. During the pre-project planning, we can make all necessary alterations and optimizations to ensure the foundation for your project is strong. Under post-project planning, we cover the technology and machinery upgrades. This will help you start out with strong support and a technical team. As one of the best chemical process industry consultancy in India, we also offer commissioning, and turnkey task execution.
  • Construction & designing: The second most important and difficult stage for any project, SES takes care of all vendors, procurement, and negotiating contracts for you. We also offer 3D laser services for all kinds of structures and objects; be they small or gigantic in size. Our diverse team can create blueprints digital twins, and 3D models for you to help you visualize your company in all aspects and make necessary changes before the construction begins. This ensures you start with zero loss and there’s no need for reconstructions. Our flexibility and knowledge as a chemical industry consultant ensure your home base is covered as you start your company.
  • Cost estimations and budgeting: We weave solutions based on your unique problems and keep your budget in mind. Our ability to arm you with the right resources and solutions makes us one of the best chemical process consultancy in India. 

SES offers customizable solutions that fit your budget. We aim to provide cost-effective and sustainable solutions and strive to be a global chemical and process industry consultant. Dividing your budget for individual stages and tasks to ensure you have your company up and running within your assigned budget will be our priority. Additionally, we won’t compromise on the quality of our services.


if you are looking for customizable chemical process consultancy in India, then your search ends here. Shiva Engineering has been a dominating player as a chemical industry consultant since 2009. We offer services for the entire lifecycle of a plant project. This includes safety and hazard management, cost-cutting & estimations, technical support for startups, 3D laser scanning, procurement of raw materials, and brokering deals between you and the right vendors and suppliers among other things. Contact us today for a quote.

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