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Shiva Engineering Services is a renowned firm for engineering consultancy to the chemical industry. Established in 2009, SES has heavily contributed to the development, modernization and increase in performance of companies in the chemical sector. We provide cost-effective, modern solutions for project planning, technology, cost audits, contractors, managing supplies, and safety management. 

Why choose Shiva Engineering?

While managing or starting a chemical company, pre-project planning, construction, technical support, engineering consultancy, and designing need to be immaculate to ensure there’s no error in any aspect. With Shiva Engineering, you get all the services under one roof, without having to juggle between suppliers and contractors.  

Whether you are having your company restructured or are looking to start a chemical plant, our multifaceted team of engineers can help you turn your vision into reality. Additionally, our services are flexible and customizable to fit individual requirements.  

Our services

We, as a leading chemical plant engineering consultant, understand how stressful it is to employ multiple contractors or companies to finish your project. More often than not, the difference in their ideas, skills, and experience results impacts your project negatively. Hence, we anticipate and offer services that a chemical plant might face. 

  • Pre-project planning & procurement: Pre-project planning is the most crucial stage for any plant. This is where you can fine-tune the details and eliminate errors or redundancies. Our engineering consultancy for a chemical company includes creating 3D designs to give you an idea of how everything would turn out to be. From doing feasibility tests to setting up safety procedures for the workers, we have it all covered.
  • Designing:  We offer 3D laser scanning for small & large chemical plants for creating 3D prototypes, digital twin designs, and architectural designs. These can be used as a record archive for later use or when you are looking to expand or restructure the chemical plant. With time, you would inevitably need to expand the pant or even relocate entirely. Our engineers can smooth out the process for you.
  • Engineering consultancy: Our engineering consultancy for a chemical company includes electrical, mechanical, piping, architectural, feasibility tests, and cost estimation. This would cover all kinds of technical support your plant needs to ensure it’s in the best condition. Our engineering consultancy aims to optimize and structure a plant in a way that yields the best results for you.
  • Cost estimation:  While planning & negotiating costs with suppliers & contractors, it’s possible to end up with a bill that exceeds your budget. Our team creates and customizes solutions that will remain within your budget. We also help you cut down on unnecessary costs, manpower, and processes. If required, we also deal with dealers and brokers to negotiate the pricing. 
  • Safety management: Even the smallest error can lead to accidents in a chemical plant. We have multiple procedures and training facilities to ensure your workers are equipped with the right knowledge to notice malfunctions, errors, and take the necessary safety precautions. Our engineering consultancy for a chemical company doesn’t end with just construction and technical support, we will work on all aspects of a plant to make sure you get the best.

We offer fully optimized supervision and solutions for the end-to-end requirements of a chemical plant. From handling the procurement of materials to implementing the right safety precautions, you can count on us to deliver the most advanced and customizable solution. As one of the leading chemical plant engineering consultants, we also offer turnkey task execution, commissioning, and backend support for entrepreneurs. For additional information, please refer to the brochure on our website. 

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