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The engineering design services and EPCM team at Shiva Engineering is a multifaceted, integrative team with a broad range of specialties. With our industry-specific and in-depth expertise, we can help you create innovative layouts and effective project solutions that tackle the distinct challenges every team faces. Our engineering design services and EPCM services vary from pre-project planning, conceptual engineering, commissions, cost estimations to feasibility tests and procurement. 

Founded in 2009, Shiva Engineering Services is a leading EPCM company in India with a vision to provide budget-friendly, effective and ground-breaking solutions. Our team can help you with a project for-

Our engineering design services include process architectural, civil, mechanical, electrical, instrumentations, packaging and material handling, among other aspects. We provide our clients with a full transparency that allows them to be involved in every step, putting the actual control in their hands. If you are a start-up, that’s about to take off; we offer start-up support too. In case you are having second thoughts about the plans and designs you already have in place; our feasibility studies can show you whether your resources are being over-utilized or underutilized. The engineering design services and EPCM team at SES creates customized solutions for every challenge. If you are a small to medium scale company or a large MNC or an organization, we offer services that can fit all your custom requirements and fulfil your demands.

The resourcing and procurement part can be tricky in the beginning. We can help you handle quotation requests, technical evaluation, organize the tenders, and negotiations. Our engineering design services and EPCM team can also recommend to you the right fit of contractors and resources who would perfectly fit your requirements. Again, all our processes are transparent, so you’d always have the power to decide everything.

This includes the planning and mapping of constructions, logistics, cost estimations and management, on-site contractor handling, checking out the equipment and much more. Construction is one of the most important and time-consuming aspects of any business. We can supervise the entire operation so you have time to work on other parts. Our dedication and broad specialties make us one of the most sought-after EPCM companies in India.

Management forms the very core of every project. It’s the all-encompassing project management that takes care of everything while letting the clients breathe. Here’s a rundown on what you can expect for this part in the engineering design services and EPCM-

– Budget and Cost Management
– Risk analysis
– On-site supervision
– Standardization and roll-outs
– Inspection and safety management
– Construction management
– Scheduling and planning
– Program management
– Assistance in statutory approvals

Our engineering and design services also include:

– Pre-project assessments
– Feasibility and conceptual engineering
– Technical bid analysis
– Process safety management
– Basic and detailed engineering
– Dust control and fire protection
– Start-up support and commissions

Again, these are just some services we offer for engineering design service and EPCM. To get the complete scope of work and to know more, you can also refer to the brochure on our website.

From conceptualization to completion of the project, we are proud of our reputation for delivering innovative, cost effective and customized solutions on time. Our engineering design services and EPCM give full control to the client to make the final decision before any action. This prevents tension on either side and makes everything budget-friendly. Our knack for asking the right questions and being able to pinpoint areas where you can improve gives you a detailed report on your entire project. Whether we are working on-site or handling the smaller things remotely, we have your success at the forefront of the mind. 

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