How have engineering design services companies helped the construction industry?

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Construction management companies in India offer engineering design services for construction projects for their full range of requirements; from pre-planning, repairs, renovations, and management. PMC company in India work closely with clients to provide project management, construction oversight, designs & layouts, and commissioning. Through all these, engineering design service companies help drive in-budget, on-schedule, and high-quality performance by keeping a sharp eye on all the activities and following up with all the teams & contractors involved in the project.

Program Management

Process plant engineering and construction companies basically work as an extension of their client’s team to execute the project successfully by providing:

  • Representative services
  • Project controls
  • Risk management & maintenance
  • Budget and schedule management
  • On-going design reviews
  • Bid document
  • Procurement support
  • Project closeout support
  • Layout during Construction

Supervision & review

PMC company in India review & enhance the designs to adapt to the changing conditions in the industry by providing:

  • Drawing or sketch review & sanction for extension of the designs
  • Technical assessment of requests for information
  • Coordinated design changes
  • Authentication of field changes
  • Construction supervision


Construction management companies in India deliver approval monitoring, processing, and evaluation to ensure the project doesn’t exceed the budget and is executed within the determined timeline. PMC company in India customarily organize teams from across the global network to offer comprehensive construction stage services no matter the location. These services include:

  • Quality check or quality control
  • Document organizing
  • Progress reporting
  • Surveillance and inspection testing
  • Construction phase review
  • Request For Information
  • Change request review & approval
  • Payment recommendation
  • Substantial progress observation & documentation
  • As-built plan
  • O&M manual approval
  • Defects and liability monitoring
  • Handoff after the warranty period


Process plant engineering and construction companies substantiate that infrastructures yield optimal results and the owners achieve the desired outcomes. Shiva Engineering Services has commissioning experts who offer management services for maintenance, testing, instruction, and sustainable designs for various project types. These services include:

  • Building commissioning
  • Monitor-based commissioning
  • Re-commissioning
  • Retro-commissioning
  • Critical facilities contracts
  • Commissions to meet the environmental design standards (such as BREEAM, LEED, & Green Star)
  • Task planning & review
  • Measurements

Why engineering design service companies can be beneficial for the construction industry?

Modern technology has become infinitely complex, it is now almost impossible for an individual to manage the design and development of a new construction product single-handedly. It takes a skilled team of engineers and designers to effectively build the project from scratch. To achieve the desired impact, the design process must be planned carefully and executed systematically. Specifically, the engineering design procedure must take into consideration the different elements of designing in a way that the entire process becomes feasible and optimum.

It takes great skills and in-depth knowledge to utilize and harness the real power of technology in the construction industry. Most companies involved with construction projects have started understanding the significance and now implement it to improve or elevate the project. The fundamental aspects of the design process involve establishing objectives and having realistic criteria, study, construction, and evaluation.

In simpler terms, designers provide solutions that are scientific, logical, and advanced along with being aesthetic or visually pleasing. They also make sure that the end result is economical, sustainable, and appeals to people.

Shiva Engineering Services offers economical and sustainable engineering design services for the construction industry that follow industry standards. To learn more about the engineering design services Shiva Engineering Services provides, you can contact us for a quote.

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