Laser Scan Services For Debottlenecking And Modification

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Laser scan services enable both engineers and non-engineers to visualize the project and do modifications and upgrades accordingly. It’s great for optimizing your project in its initial stage instead of having to start over again in the later stages.

Shiva Engineering Services has been providing laser scan services in Gujarat and all over India since 2009. With our trained engineers and modern technology, no project is too complicated for us. Our advanced, high technology lab is ISO certified for laser scans in Gujarat. We also do on-site services if the project is too large to be shipped. Our quality equipment and expert engineers can work remotely with confidence.

Laser scan for modifications & debottlenecking in plants

Data extracted from laser scan is a coordinate measuring machine data that can be used to inspect its dimensions, troubleshooting, deviation color mapping, design feasibility, and 3D model creation. The laser scan data is useful to test out the products and make necessary modifications. 

Laser scan services are a saving grace to extract accurate dimensions and specifications which can be stored for later use. They work as a record archive for when you need them again during your project. 

What we can offer

SES uses 3D laser scanning to capture millions of data points each second to build a 3D model with accurate geometry and dimensions. These scans produce a digital twin replica of the inside and outside of your project which you can use to modify procedures and eliminate bottlenecks. Our laser scan services aren’t a one-time thing, you can use them years later if you are renovating since they remain the same. 

Once the scans are done, our advanced software like SmartPlant3D and AVEVA 3D can turn them into a realistic 3D model replica of what your plant will look like once finished. Our team can also offer alternate, full-colored designs in the pre-project planning phase itself. 

Our ability to accurately map out the electrical, mechanical, piping and structural aspects of a project enables you to avoid any conflicts that otherwise wouldn’t have been noticed during construction. 

How 3D Laser scanning would help you

Our scanned data can help you in the following aspects of project management:

  • Pre-project management
  • Project management
  • Risk analysis & management
  • Cost estimation & budgeting
  • Standardization and roll-outs
  • Steady 7 dynamic state simulations
  • Construction management
  • Scheduling & planning
  • Material procurement
  • Inspection & expediting
  • Safety management & hazard control
  • Remote monitoring systems
  • Energy conservation
  • Vapor cloud studies
  • Energy & utility scenario studies
  • Technology transfer & training
  • What-if analysis and debottlenecking

One single laser scan can help you with all these aspects. The aim is to ensure every nook and cranny of your plant is optimized to yield the best results. It saves you time, effort, emotional turmoil, and money because you won’t have to tear down any part after construction. 

The scans, once finished, can be confidentially stored and used after decades later if you are making any changes; be it big or small. So they would also work as an archive too.


At Shiva Engineering Services, we aim to utilize all the state-of-the-art tools and software to provide effective, affordable solutions. We have always tried to tailor modern technology and old-school methods to come up with the most efficient, eco-friendly, and budget-friendly solutions. 

We are continually improving our services with each client and growing our presence. Our cutting-edge technology, expertise backed with years of experience and patience has made us one of the leading engineering solution services for laser scan in Gujarat. For more information on our services, please refer to the brochure.

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