Modular Design And It’s Benefits

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A modular design is an approach to product design used to create a complete product by integrating or combining smaller, independent parts. The modular design approach allows a complex product to be disassembled or broken down into smaller and simpler components that are designed and manufactured independently of each other. Each of these individual components is then put together (or assembled) to form the final product. 
What exactly is modular building? Simply put, a modular system is a system that is completely prefabricated and compactly mounted in a steel frame and delivered to your factory where the modules are then reassembled. The only on-site installation includes basic utility and plumbing connections. This methodology exemplifies best practices in project planning and implementation and provides significant benefits to project managers. (To all project managers reading this, it means “building modular makes life a lot easier”!) We’ve laid but the benefits here: 

Get to market faster 

Project time can be drastically reduced if fabrication, assembly, and testing of the processing system are performed during the construction of buildings and facilities on site. In a traditional project schedule, site and facility construction must be completed before work can begin on the processing system. Since process systems are assembled externally to form easily transportable skids, modular process systems can be developed parallel to construction and plant engineering.

Lower costs 

Lower labor and operating costs are achieved through a shorter project period, efficient use of materials, and a smaller field service team. For multiple-unit projects, greater capital efficiency is achieved by designing and creating duplicates once. Building modules outside the site does not interrupt or shut down existing processes. 


Safety risks to personnel in modular process plants are reduced by fewer OSHA hours on-site and a smaller crew. Ideal construction conditions due to a closed production hall also reduce the safety risk for the processor. Full pre-shipment testing and assessment of the modular process system identifies and corrects potential problems before the system is delivered to the field 

Fewer resource requirements 

Inline mixing system with modular design, production plan, production method Assembly and perfect construction conditions reduce material waste. Components have been simplified as much as possible to reduce overall construction costs and the complexity of component maintenance. Smaller field workers are needed in the construction site because no modules are installed there. In addition, there is no need to search for technicians to assemble and manufacture process systems as they are already used in the modular production workshop. 

Higher quality in fabric assembly and fabrication 

Welding, pipe fitting, and other fabrication processes are carried out under ideal conditions. Well-trained and experienced assembly and production technicians are already employed by the modular system provider and ensure constant work and personnel availability. 


Modularity offers designers many advantages. It allows us to develop solutions for common problems independently of the project. This independent work allows us to continuously improve our solutions and leads to efficiency in development through reuse. It doesn’t have to lead to the same design over and over. Modules can and should be built to enable and encourage variation. Diversity within the module and diversity in combination to form a larger whole. A module is a constraint, but all constructs are constraints. This is the only way to find a solution. Modules can lead to a unified visual vocabulary and a unified voice for all of us. We limit ourselves to our own unique way by creating palettes of different design modules. Just as modularity has given structure to our content so that we can reuse it more flexibly, modularity given structure to our design. A structure that ultimately helps us to be more flexible and efficient.

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