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Founded in 2009, Shiva Engineering Services is one of the best engineering consultancy companies in India that designs terminals, plants, refineries, pipelines, manufacturing plants, and processing plants. We are a unified engineering consultancy company; used to implementing consistent standards, modern frameworks, advanced technology to deliver the projects.

As a top engineering consultant, we have provided fully-optimized, customizable solutions for technical and non-technical problems across all industries in India for engineering, procurement, construction, and management. We undertake all tasks regarding project controls and project planning.

What we do

Shiva Engineering Services is one of the best engineering consultancy companies in India because of our comprehensive and cohesive services. We offer everything starting from pre-project planning, technical bid analysis, commissioning, greenfield & brownfield, and construction among many other genres. 

As a global engineering consultancy company, we make it a point to cater to all possible issues a project might have. For example; we run tests on your equipment to check whether they are the right system for you and what kind of results they will give you, we also broker deals with contractors and vendors if required, and do elaborate risk & safety analysis. 

If you are just starting, we can provide you with precise project cost estimations, procure site permits & approvals, technical support, and equipment maintenance. Our team caters to a global audience and our all-inclusive services list reflects that with its dynamic, sophisticated, and ecological listings. Hence, we are easily one of the best engineering consultancy companies in India. 

Our EPCM services

We are one of the top engineering consultants in India for EPCM services. Over the years, we have tweaked out our old methods and incorporated many new ones to keep up with technology and the market demands. The alterations include not only business practices and equipment, but also members who are experts in their fields. Our EPCM consultancy is especially sought after in the agrochemical, petrochemical, oil, gas, and resources industry because of our elaborate designs and all-encompassing solutions.

Here’s an overview of our services that has made us such a household name as the best engineering consultancy in India.

  • Project planning:  Our project planning includes pre-project planning, layout designs, feasibility tests on the plans, and commissioning. From optimizing every step in the process to procuring the right sources for your project, our team guarantees to get you the best results. 
  • Sourcing:  Every project needs numerous vendors, brokers, resources, and leasing equipment for short-term tasks. It’s hard to keep up with all the contracts and their contractors. We are an engineering consultancy company that will oversee and supervise the process of sourcing so you have your hands free for other important business. 
  • Post-project management:  Once the construction is finished, it’s time to equip your project with technical and back-end support. We offer a wide-ranging analysis and assessments that help you set up a proper technical system in your project to give you maximum results. 

Shiva Engineering is a top engineering consultant in Gujarat, India that offers detailed EPCM services for all industries. We take care of all the significant steps required for the successful execution of engineering, procurement, construction, and management of a project. Our advanced technology and reliable abilities have fashioned us a result-oriented project implementation rundown that seamlessly integrates modern technology and engineering methodologies with persuasive management practices. Our robust work ethics combined with our widespread knowledge as a top engineering consultancy has garnered us a formidable reputation of being the best engineering company in India.

For cost-effective, advanced and fail proof EPCM solutions, please get in touch with us.

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