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SES is an engineering consulting firm that provides technical and engineering solutions to businesses. As an engineering consultancy, we collaborate with businesses to understand & analyse their technical needs to offer the required solutions. Engineering consultancy is highly recommended for small to big businesses alike. Whether it’s a chemical plant or a construction service, getting a second opinion from a non-biased, experienced engineering consultant would help you close the gaps in your project and cut down unnecessary costs. 

As an established engineering consulting firm, we offer engineering consultancy for quality control, processing, work procedure optimizations, system upgrades, and cost estimations. 

Benefits of our engineering consultancy

SES helps businesses achieve their creative and financial goals by proving modern, advanced, engineering consultancy across all industries. Here are some advantages of hiring us as an engineering consulting firm for your project

  1. Flexibility
    From the finance angle, it makes sense to hire an engineering consulting firm whether you are a small or medium business or a full-fledged high-end one. We offer extensive solutions cost-effectively to ensure you receive the best. We provide flexible, customizable engineering consultancy agreements that can also be requested on both; an as-needed basis and a permanent basis. The flexibility can vary depending on the project and if required, extra hours and manpower can be added for urgent circumstances. 
  2. Risk reduction & management
    The risks and what-ifs in a project are inevitable occurrences that need to be dealt with carefully. Our skilled engineering consulting firm can help you pin down all the risks involved in your respective project and analyze how best to avoid or minimize them. Moreover, an engineering consulting firm can immediately start the execution of the required solutions. We save you time, effort, and find the best resources.
  3. Creativity & collaboration
    An engineering consulting firm brings in a diverse team of experts for the different parts of a project such as designing & layout, construction, cost estimations, project management, procurement, and technical support. The background knowledge of our engineering consultants and experience enables them to offer innovative solutions for every problem. We enable you to improve & optimize the workflow, layouts for maximum productivity and results. We will employ specific members with the right skillset for individual tasks to ensure the project is delivered on time. Our engineering consultants offer you a non-biased, autonomous perspective on every problem. 
Responsibilities we take on as an engineering consulting firm

Starting from short-term projects to permanent arrangements, we take our responsibilities seriously as a renowned engineering consulting firm. Here’s what we can do for your project under engineering consultancy

  • Offer to advise businesses on how to start new engineering projects, cost estimations & control, the feasibility of work procedures, and timescales.
  • Offer to advise on the basic and detailed engineering of a plant.
  • Mapping out processes, risk management, pre-project planning, and coordinating between engineers and designers.
  • Help you choose the right vendors for resources and negotiate the best terms.
  • Supervise the project throughout its lifecycle and liaise with all involved teams.
  • Finish off the project by signing off the safety and hazard management protocols.

Shiva Engineering Services has been one of the best engineering consulting firms for EPCM services globally. Our engineering consultants are trained to spot the tiniest errors, loopholes, and technical errors before they escalate. We aim to reduce the lead time, expand the possibilities as your options, and provide cost-effective, energy-efficient, advanced solutions that streamline your productivity and revenue. We work as an extension of your company during the project to ensure there’s no inconsistency or gaps in the project planning.

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