What are the advantages of engineering consultancy, and how will it aid the growth of the aroma chemicals industry?

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The aroma chemical industry has seen a surge in products, manufacture, and distribution of aroma chemicals. More and more brands across different sectors have been adding aroma chemicals to their products. This means the production & manufacturing demand for aroma chemicals have also increased. Due to the increase in demand, aroma chemical plants have also been pitted against new obstacles. More & more aroma chemical plants are employing EPCM services in India to streamline their operational processes and equipment. Plant engineering services in India can help aroma chemical plants optimize their methods and equipment to boost productivity and efficiency.

Advantages of engineering consultancy in the aroma chemical industry

There are many benefits of employing plant engineering services in India for the aroma chemical industry. Here we are breaking down some of the most diverse ones:

1 Aroma chemicals are tricky to handle and incorporate into products. Even a single misstep can lead to hazards. Many processes are used in the industry such as cross-contamination, absorption, adsorption, and storage that require professional help to ensure there’s no accident. EPCM services in India can offer you better ways to store, process, and work around chemicals.

2 Engineering services in India can help the aroma chemical industry scale up from the lab gram scales to larger production scales up to 5000 TPA plants.

3 Aroma chemicals can be dangerous to handle. Engineering services in India can help plants design sophisticated and accurate emission control systems for volatile chemicals and VOC controls to make the environment a safer working space.

4 Unit operations such as distillation, evaporation, filtration, adsorption, and drying can be designed and optimized by plant engineering services in India to yield better results; cutting down on time and effort.

5 Engineering services in India also offer reactions such as hydrogenation, photo chlorination, halogenation, and condensation in batch and semi-batches, which can be a big help for larger plants.

6 EPCM consultants in India can build semi-automatic, manual, and fully automatic aroma chemical plants. This means you can get all the solutions you need from one place instead of trying to negotiate deals with multiple firms.

Shiva Engineering Services

Shiva Engineering Services delivers high-quality & precise EPCM services in India for the aroma chemical industry, from designing the plant layout, expanding their operations, and upgrading their technology. Our engineers offer support from the initial designing & brainstorming stage to construction, project supervision, procurement, and equipment installations. Our goal is to help our clients leverage the opportunities and overcome the obstacles by merging the best practices in the Indian chemical sector and the western ones to get the best results.

The opportunities and challenges will vary for different specialties, commodities, plant structures, and production capacity. Our multifaceted team is equipped with years of hands-on experience, knowledge, and practices to ensure they offer the kind of solutions that will suit individual clients’ requirements and capacities. Our core competency includes delivering projects across various niches in the chemical industry such as agrochemicals, aroma chemicals, specialty chemicals, fine chemicals, organic, and inorganic chemicals. Our diverse skills enable us to help our clients optimize and streamline different aspects of an aroma chemical plant.


With the rise in demand for aroma chemicals, the aroma chemical industry is poised over many breakthroughs, changes, and challenges. Engineering services in India can help the plants gain more foothold and push through the challenges. Whether you are new to the industry or have been a key player for years, our engineers can help you find new methods to alter & optimize your operations for maximum productivity and efficiency. If you would like to discuss our services, please get in touch with us today.

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