What role does an engineering consultant play in a specialty chemical industry?

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According to a study based on the rise in demand for specialty chemicals, the global specialty chemical industry is supposed to reach $1.8 trillion by 2025. The usage of high-value chemicals in products is one of the driving forces behind the rapid growth. Consequently. With the rise in production, comes a rise in obstacles too. This is where engineering consultancy for the specialty chemical industry comes in. There’s been a surge in the demand for engineering services in India for the specialty chemical industry. There are many aspects of a specialty chemical plant that an EPCM consultant in India could help improvise and strengthen.

An overview of the specialty chemical industry

Specialty chemicals also referred to as effective chemicals, are divided into a variety of categories such as adhesives, additives, food preservatives, polymers, agrichemicals, surfactants, lubricants, and paints.

Specialty chemicals are also called “performance chemicals” because of their unique design which aims to achieve specific performance characteristics. They also consist of unique molecules or more complex compounds, which are referred to as formulations. With specialty chemicals, the manufacturers tend to work very closely with and support, the end users. This makes the industry stand apart from more commoditized sectors like pharmaceuticals or petrochemicals. The commodity chemical products of one manufacturer are typically interchangeable with that of any other manufacturer.

Engineering services in India for the specialty chemical industry

A specialty chemical plant has numerous complicated and intricate working processes and structures that need constant surveillance and modifications to ensure the production capacity is at its peak and the quality is top-notch too. Engineering consultancy for the specialty chemical industry can optimize the working process, procure better raw materials, improvise their formulations, and keep their equipment updated for efficiency. Here are some aspects engineering services in India could help with in the specialty chemical industry-

Equipment specifications:

To get the best results, it’s important that you use the right tools, materials, and equipment. Engineering services in India can help you get the right size and specifications for equipment to manufacture the best products.

Optimization of operational processes:

From procuring raw materials to their intake and proper planning of how to manufacture them to the best of their capacity, engineers can help you work out the nuances to optimize the many working processes a specialty chemical plant has.

Engineering & designing:

Engineering consultancy for the specialty chemical industry can help you design and engineer the more critical details of the operation to ensure all the processes run smoothly with one another. This would eliminate accidents, and errors, and make the space a safer environment to work in.

How can Shiva Engineering Services help the specialty chemical industry?

Shiva engineering services is one of the leading EPCM consultants in India with a proven track record of helping specialty chemical industries achieve their goals and optimize their production values. We have a stellar reputation for delivering layouts and plans that leverage advanced technology along with a primary focus on sustainability and safety. Here are some of the multidisciplinary areas we cover under our solutions:-

2 Electrical & Piping
3 Mechanical
4 Structural & detail engineering
5 Feasibility tests
6 Design modeling
7 Manufacturing processes

Our full services can help you design and optimize your specialty chemical plant to your imagination, while also adhering to the best industry practices. Our team ensures your ideas align realistically to the plant and that you set achievable goals that grow your business. For more information regarding our services, get in touch with us today.

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