Why Plant Engineering Services Are Important For The Chemical Industry?

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Shiva Engineering Services has been offering dynamic plant engineering services for the chemical industry, mining, gas, oil, and power plants across India since 2009. With a specialization in chemical process consultancy, SES offers multi-faceted, rapid mobilization for all possible situations a plant might face.

Our engineering consultancy for the speciality chemical industry provides you with robust, well-thought-out solutions for all critical problems. We cover a project right from the pre-planning stage to completion; project pre-planning, project management, budgeting, cost estimations, designing, modelling, brokering, and construction, along with safety & hazard management. Our chemical process consultancy also includes the digitalization of your services. Installing the right technologies in accordance with your plant’s processes is important to boost productivity and accuracy.

Plant engineering services for the chemical industry
  • Front-end project management

Detect all the potential risks, bottlenecks, and malfunctions of a project before they escalate. We help you analyze all the problems with a critical eye and come up with the best possible solutions for each issue at hand. Our team can also help you analyze and divide your total budget across different aspects of the project. Budgeting and cost estimations can also help you dodge unnecessary bills and invoices.

We also manage equipment financing, brokering deals with vendors, material & inventory assessment, and EPC execution. Our wide range of services makes us one of the best project management consultant in India.

  • Concept & detail engineering consultancy for speciality chemical industries

Our technology and skilled professionals turn all your rough sketches and ideas into full-fledged 2D & 3D models to enable you to visualize how everything will be turning out eventually. This makes it easier for you to detect loopholes and make whatever changes you deem necessary. From our designs and 3D laser scans, you can extract the required information to create datasheets, design archives, detailed engineering plans, and digital twins. Our plant engineering services for the chemical industry are fairly dynamic, however, they are entirely customizable to suit your unique circumstances.

  • Mechanical engineering

Engineering consultancy for the speciality chemical industry often includes complex mechanical structures and intricate shapes. From well-integrated and seamless pipelines to plumbing and cabling structures; our consultants & designers can help you build a fully-functional and advanced system. Since these structures form the pillar of a plant, it is advisable to install the ones with advanced technology.  This will help you save time and cost, and you’ll need to make minimal changes later on.

  • Electrical engineering services

We offer load lists, single-line diagrams for systems, power calculations for different tasks, cable tray specifications, and much more under electrical engineering. We have extensive experience working with chemical industries, oil, gas, power, and mining industries. You can count on us to deliver the most robust designs and systems. 

Our dynamic services have earned us a stellar reputation as one of the best chemical process consultancy in India.

Phases of a project we offer support for

Shiva Engineering Services has been one of the most trusted plant engineering services for the chemical industry because of our in-depth knowledge and expertise. We also offer support for-

Concept development
Layout designing
Electrical and industrial support
Technical documentation
Plant safety
Project management
Civil and structural engineering
Site management
Basic engineering
Front-end engineering design
Extended basic engineering
Construction management
Feasibility study


We hope this helps you provide insight into our services and how we work. Whether you are starting from scratch or are looking to remodel your plant, Shiva Engineering Services can provide you with some robust and advanced chemical process consultancy. To know why we would be the perfect project management consultant in India, get in touch with us.

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