3D Laser Scanning And 3D Scanning Solutions For Larger Objects

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When the mainstream media continues to be more obsessed with 3D printing, 3D laser scanning has become a quiet but impactful disruption that’s transforming the way products are engineered and manufactured. 3D laser scanning is the capturing of data from real-world objects and adding them into the digital world. It’s at the forefront of the movement, starting from fields & labs to factories. Let’s look at what is laser scanning for and how your project can benefit from it.

What is laser scanning for?

3D laser scanning is a non-destructive, no-contact act of capturing data from real-world large objects by using laser light. Professional 3D laser scanners create a triangle mesh or point cloud from the data extracted from the surface of the object. In simpler words, 3D laser scanning captures the shape and size in precision and creates a 3D representation of it digitally. 

Shiva engineering has extensive experience in the chemical industry, CPG, oil & gas industry; using 3D laser scanning for dimensional quality control, inspection, and product designs. 3D laser scanning larger objects for quality inspection and maintenance is different and more complex than scanning small objects. There’s a lot of data to capture and even a minute missing detail will disrupt the entire digital design. Larger objects sometimes require multiple 3D laser scanning machines, such as handheld scanners, laser trackers, and long-range scanners. You can get all that and more at Shiva Engineering.

We will take care of all the point clouds, alignment, and polygon creations, so you get only the best results. Compiling all our extracted data into one single accurate design, we deliver a cost-effective and precise representation. 

Applications of 3D laser scanning:?

  • This can be used in various industries for developing projects. Once the project is on paper, you can create elevation drawings & annotations with the help of a 3D laser.
  • The point cloud can assess existing plants and buildings to check their conditions and safety risks. If you believe the plant or building is polluted or at risk, a brownfield survey can do a check and produce a detailed report of the conditions and existing risks around the project. This saves lives and resources in the long run.
  • 3D laser scanning is implemented for the complete relocation of plants and buildings; to check if the area is favourable.
  • In industries where occupational hazards are frequent, 3D laser scanning can assess the conditions and give you an idea of what aspects need to be changed. 

Benefits Of 3D Laser Scanning:

  • it’s non-destructive.
  • Point cloud data can be coloured or non-coloured, depending on your requirement.
  • Our professional 3D laser scanners are a no-contact way of creating a 3D layout.
  • It gives you an accurate representation to work with and analyze.
  • Can be used for various aspects of a plant such as fabrication, piping, mechanical, safety management, and civil.
  • You get accurate as of build data.
  • Can do reverse engineering of complex designs and data.


3D laser scanning at Shiva Engineering Services is a multi-faceted, cost-effective, and advanced technology that can help you save money and your time. Be it a one-off project or ongoing construction, our equipment & engineers will provide you with only accurate data. If you are looking to remodel an existing plant, we can work with that too. Our goal is to figure out all the complex parts and provide you with a report on all available options.

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