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The relentless pursuit of innovation drives the US process industry forward. Companies must prioritize the unwavering quality of their facilities and equipment while keeping project costs under tight control. It is where Shiva Engineering Services (SES), a renowned basic engineering design company in India, steps in. Our highly qualified engineers, experienced fabrication facilities, and global procurement network ensure your greenfield project achieves unparalleled quality standards without compromising on budget. Our project management consultancy services in India and the US bridge the gap between cutting-edge expertise and cost-effective execution. From state-of-the-art equipment fabrication to streamlined procurement and project management, we handle every aspect, distinguishing ourselves as one of the leading engineering design services companies in India.

The Transformative Power of Greenfield Projects in the US Process Industry

These projects create a ripple effect that profoundly impacts local communities, economies, and livelihoods.

  • Job Creation and Targeted Skills Development

Greenfield projects demand professionals like welders, pipefitters, instrument technicians, engineers, project managers, and environmental specialists. This influx of employment opportunities injects significant capital into the local economy. Our commitment to local hiring practices plays a vital role in nurturing this skilled workforce while working on greenfield projects for the chemical industry.

  • Economic Growth and Infrastructure Upliftment

New process plants often necessitate significant upgrades to local infrastructure, such as improved transportation networks and enhanced access to utilities. These crucial investments benefit the specific project and pave the way for long-term economic development in the region.

  • Knowledge Transfer and Upskilling the Workforce

Collaboration between US companies and leading Indian service providers, like our basic engineering design company in India, fosters a dynamic exchange of knowledge. Local engineers and project managers gain invaluable experience in cutting-edge process technologies, best practices in project execution, and adherence to stringent US safety regulations.

SES: Your Partner in Building World-Class Process Facilities

Project management consultancy services in India
  • State-of-the-Art Fabrication

Our team of skilled and certified engineers can handle every aspect of project design, from feasibility studies to equipment selection and detailed engineering services in the US. We leverage cutting-edge software and proven methodologies to optimize plant layouts, ensure seamless equipment compatibility, and minimize operational costs throughout the plant’s life cycle.

  • Experienced Engineering Teams

Fabrication facilities at our detailed and basic engineering company in India boast the latest technology and adhere to the highest US quality standards. It allows for seamless integration of fabricated components into the overall plant design, minimizing on-site assembly time and cost overruns. We can handle various equipment fabrication needs, including pressure vessels, heat exchangers, and complex piping spools for process plants.

  • Procurement Expertise with Global Reach

Our team leverages its established relationships with a vast network of global suppliers and an in-depth understanding of international trade regulations. Our EPCM services in India and the US ensure timely deliveries, cost optimization, and adherence to project specifications.

  • Seamless Project Management with Proven Methodologies

Our project management consultancy services in India and the US employ industry-standard methodologies for comprehensive scheduling, cost control, risk mitigation, and resource allocation.  We maintain open communication channels with all stakeholders, from US-based engineering teams to local contractors and fabrication teams, ensuring project deliverables are met on time, within budget, and following the highest quality standards.


The landscape of the US process industry thrives on constant evolution, demanding ever-more efficient, sustainable, and cost-competitive solutions. We stand out among engineering design services companies in India by offering a distinctive combination of world-class engineering expertise. Our unparalleled fabrication capabilities adhere to the most rigorous US standards, and our global procurement network optimizes costs without compromising quality. It translates to a successfully executed greenfield project and a springboard for long-term operational excellence.

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