Innovative Technologies in Brownfield Redevelopment for Chemical Plants

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Chemical plants often grapple with outdated systems, inefficient processes, and environmental concerns, creating a formidable obstacle course for redevelopment initiatives. Shiva Engineering Services (SES), a distinguished process plant engineering and construction company, steps into this domain with a clear vision.

Besides upgrading ageing components and cleaning up contaminants, we strategically employ cutting-edge technologies to transform these challenges into opportunities for innovation. The acknowledgement that each brownfield project for the chemical industry is unique drives SES to devise bespoke solutions addressing the distinct challenges presented by individual chemical plants.

Specializing in engineering consultancy for the speciality chemical industry, SES engineers can discern the distinctive attributes of reactors, distillation columns, heat exchangers, storage tanks, and intricate piping networks. It helps us streamline the brownfield redevelopment process and elevates chemical plants to new heights of operational excellence.

Next-Gen Technologies in Brownfield Projects for the Chemical Industry

  • Advanced Process Simulation:

SES employs powerful process simulation software in our chemical process consulting services to predict the behaviour of complex reactions and optimize unit operations. It facilitates informed decision-making, reducing trial and error during the upgrade of reactors and distillation units.

In the case of a brownfield redevelopment project for an ageing distillation unit in a chemical plant, our engineering consultancy services in India involve simulating the entire distillation process. It helps predict the behaviour of the revamped distillation unit by inputting the specific characteristics of the existing columns, trays, and feed compositions. It allows SES engineers to optimize operating conditions, minimize energy consumption, and ensure the upgraded unit meets stringent product purity standards.

  • Comprehensive 3D modeling:

Our go-to solution for comprehensive 3D modelling of existing chemical plant structures allows our infrastructure design engineers to identify clash points, plan equipment placement, and visualize potential challenges in retrofitting. For instance, to expand an existing reactor system, our engineering consultancy services in India involve creating a 3D model of the reactor, including vessel internals, agitators, and piping networks, to optimize the placement of new equipment.

  • Optimal Control and Automation:

SES integrates a Distributed Control System (DCS) into engineering consultancy for the speciality chemical industry to ensure seamless communication between various plant sections, enhancing operational efficiency. With advanced process visualization and diagnostic capabilities, it minimizes downtime and facilitates a smooth transition during the upgrade of control systems.

  • Remote Inspection:

Navigating the intricacies of chemical plant maintenance during brownfield redevelopment often involves hazardous environments. SES employs drones equipped with advanced sensors and cameras for remote inspection. These drones enable engineers to assess equipment integrity, identify corrosion, and plan necessary repairs without exposing personnel to potential dangers. The result is a safer and more efficient maintenance process.

  • IoT Integration:

SES adopts a holistic approach by integrating the Internet of Things (IoT) into brownfield projects for the chemical industry. Advanced sensors and monitoring devices meticulously collect real-time data on equipment health, environmental parameters, and process efficiency. This data-driven approach allows for predictive maintenance, reducing downtime, and enhancing overall asset performance.


SES engineers navigate the complexities of existing infrastructure, harnessing innovative technologies to transform ageing facilities into models of efficiency, safety, and sustainability. Through smart asset management, automation, and sustainable solutions, SES remains committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements, ensuring that brownfield redevelopment becomes synonymous with innovation and excellence.

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