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India’s industrial sector is undergoing rapid transformation. Complexities in process optimization, intricate supply chain management, and evolving safety regulations demand innovative solutions. Shiva Engineering Services (SES) addresses these challenges by providing bespoke engineering services in India across diverse industries. SES stands out among engineering design services companies in India by departing from the industry-standard “one-size-fits-all” approach. We leverage a multidisciplinary team of experts and advanced technologies to deliver bespoke solutions tailored to each client’s needs. From enhancing efficiency in manufacturing to optimizing safety protocols in oil & gas facilities and providing expert chemical process consultancy, SES delivers results that drive success and propel India’s industries forward.

Our Custom-Built Approach Translates into Tangible Benefits

  • Client-Centric Communication

We establish open communication channels with dedicated project managers, fostering a collaborative environment. Regular progress reports and design reviews ensure your vision guides every step of the process.

  • Tailored Service Delivery

Do you need full-fledged EPCM services in India, including vendor selection and construction management? Or just engineering packages for bidding purposes? SES adapts its engineering consultancy services in India to meet your needs and budget constraints. We can even provide specialized services like piping stress analysis or fire protection system design.

  • Embracing Innovation

We leverage cutting-edge technologies like 3D modelling with virtual reality (VR) to create immersive plant layouts for operator training and maintenance planning. These tools promote proactive maintenance strategies, minimize downtime, and ensure smooth plant operations.

  • Sustainability as a Core Value

As a responsible process plant engineering and construction company committed to sustainability, SES integrates eco-friendly practices into every project. We prioritize energy-efficient equipment selection, such as high-efficiency heat exchangers, and waste minimization strategies, like water recycling systems.

  • A Team of Experts

Our success hinges on the expertise of a diverse team. Chemical engineers work alongside mechanical engineers, while civil and electrical engineers collaborate seamlessly. Project managers coordinate with control system engineers, who design and integrate automated control systems for efficient plant operation.

Tailoring Expertise Across Industries

  • Processes & Chemicals, Specialty Chemical Plants

These sectors use intricate reaction processes to transform raw materials into valuable products. SES boasts a team of seasoned engineers who are fluent in the language of chemical process consultancy, distillation columns, reactors, heat exchangers, and piping systems. Our engineering services in India rely on state-of-the-art process simulation software like ChemCAD to optimize these unit operations.

  • Oil & Gas Facilities

Downstream and Midstream Oil & Gas projects require specialized skills. SES’s team understands the intricacies of storage tanks, pipelines, separation equipment, and metering skids. Our engineering consultancy services in India extend to hazard identification (HAZOP) studies to identify potential hazards associated with equipment failure, process deviations, and human error. We develop mitigation strategies like process control systems and emergency shutdown procedures to minimize risk.

  • Manufacturing Plants and Food & CPG

SES excels in designing and implementing optimized production lines, focusing on automation, material handling systems, and cleanroom environments. We incorporate elements like stainless steel surfaces, air filtration systems, and hygienic equipment design to ensure compliance with food safety regulations.

  • Construction Industry

SES provides a comprehensive suite of engineering services in India, from brownfield expansions to greenfield projects. These services involve site selection based on geotechnical surveys, feasibility studies analyzing project viability, and structural engineering using advanced software to design load-bearing structures.


The demand for customized engineering solutions will only intensify in the face of constant innovation and a dynamic marketplace. SES stands ready to meet this challenge, continuously evolving its expertise to deliver unparalleled service and propel India’s industrial landscape towards a future of sustainable growth and success.

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