How EPCM Consultants Prioritize Client Needs in India

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India’s industrial sector is experiencing explosive growth, driven by a surge in energy, infrastructure, and demand for manufactured goods. However, complex regulatory environments, tight project timelines, and budgetary constraints can significantly impede project success. Shiva Engineering Services (SES) offers end-to-end EPCM consultant in India specifically designed to address these challenges of delays, cost overruns, and safety concerns. We leverage our expertise as a leading client-first EPCM service provider in India to foster a collaborative environment that prioritizes your unique needs, challenges, and aspirations. Through open communication, meticulous planning, and a deep understanding of your vision, we deliver tailored engineering services in India that exceed your expectations.

From Vision to Reality: Partnering with You to Understand Your Project Goals

  • Feedstock and product specifications

Our partnership as a distinguished construction management company in India empowers you to select the most appropriate equipment and processes to achieve your desired product specifications. Factors like viscosity, boiling point, and abrasiveness of the feedstock influence decisions regarding your storage facilities, transportation methods, and equipment design. Our engineering consultancy services in India help you understand their implications and recommend solutions that optimize efficiency.

  • Site selection and environmental considerations

Our EPCM consultants in India will assist you in conducting a thorough geotechnical investigation to understand the chosen site’s soil composition and load-bearing capacity. Our team will also work with you to consider factors like access to power grids, water sources, and transportation networks. By jointly analyzing these factors, we can optimize operational costs and logistics during construction and plant operations.

  • Capacity and scalability requirements

Together, we will analyze each stage of the production process to identify bottlenecks and optimize capacity. Our plant engineering services in India might use simulation software to model different scenarios and ensure the plant meets your production targets. We consider your long-term vision by designing a facility with modular components that can be easily expanded to accommodate future production increases.

  • Budgetary constraints and financing options

Our EPCM services in India explore alternative materials, equipment options, and process designs to achieve optimal cost-efficiency without compromising quality or safety. We consider the initial investment and the long-term operational and maintenance costs associated with different equipment and process choices.

  • Development of a Detailed Project Schedule

The DPS outlines critical milestones, interdependencies between project phases, and risk mitigation strategies. Our EPCM consultants in India work with you to use techniques like Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling to identify the project’s most critical path and actively manage its progress to ensure timely completion.

EPCM services in India
  • Cost estimation and budgetary control

We will work with your team to meticulously quantify the materials required for each construction phase. Our engineering services in India ensure accurate cost estimates for equipment, piping, building materials, and other necessary components and provide you with a clear picture of project expenditures.

  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation Planning

Unforeseen delays in equipment procurement due to import regulations, fluctuations in material costs due to global market shifts, or even unpredictable weather patterns during construction can significantly impact your project’s timeline and budget. Our effective risk mitigation strategies might involve:

  1. Securing alternative material suppliers.
  2. Establishing buffer timelines in the project schedule.
  3. Implementing cost-containment measures to address these uncertainties.


At SES, our client-first approach to EPCM services in India goes beyond technical expertise. We believe in fostering a collaborative partnership built on clear communication, openness, and a unified vision for your project’s success. From the needs assessment phase to project completion, we ensure your unique requirements and goals are prioritized throughout the EPCM lifecycle.

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