Packing Hall Simulation For Shampoo Manufacturing Factory

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Manufacturing companies calculate and analyze their total expenses in terms of individual item production costs. The numbers play a significant role in deciding the cost and value of each item. The other factors that should be taken into consideration while testing the efficiency are the safety conditions, area layout, and technology. Is everything feasible? Are they giving you the results you want, or can they do better? Here’s a case study of what we did with one such company.


There are hundreds of aspects in the manufacturing industry. Our focus was to do a time and motion study on the packing hall. Per our analysis, we did a thorough inspection of the layout of the hall and the safety precautions that were already in place. In addition to this, we also built a 3D dynamic model among other things; all of which are explained below.

Our solution

We built a 4-point KPI based on our results from the time and motion study-

1. Capital efficiency

Capital efficiency is the ratio between how much a company is spending on increasing their revenue and how much they are making in return. A big chunk of the money spend on growing revenue goes to the physical workplace and machinery. You need to have safe and advanced tools but overspending on them harms your total earnings. We analyzed and offer the right machinery that fits their budget as well as expectations.

2. Sustainability

Sustainability has taken a high place in the clients’ priority list and rightly so. We help you monitor your entire layout to figure which ones are using the most energy. This includes water usage, the commute routes, packaging, and tools used to manufacture the product. We then help you switch to a green and renewable energy source. Using recyclable packaging materials is one sure way to cut down on waste.

3. Reduction in operating cost

There will always be a cheaper source, but are they going to impact the quality of your product? Our team helps you find the right sources and materials that fit your budget without compromising on the quality by providing multiple options for the same. We also find nooks and corners in your operation where costs can be cut down or minimized without harming the quality. 

3. Reduction in operating cost

We prioritize safety as much as the quality of products, if not more. The area layout plays a big role in accidents, productions materials coming to a close second in the cause. By analyzing the area and aisle layouts of the hall, we find if they are feasible or not for operation.

Add-on deliverables

In addition to the above-mentioned services, we also provided the following based on our time and motion study-

  • 3D dynamic model- Everything looks fine in our minds’ eye but there’s a big difference between that and what it’s going to appear in reality. We provided an accurate 3D dynamic model that shows how the entire plan is going to map out physically.
  • Report on the infrastructureBased on the 3D model, we provided a detailed report on the infrastructure and equipment. The types of machinery include forklifts, walkies, and MSTs but aren’t limited to that.
  • Suggestions- We also provide suggestions on the current Jonesboro, & Phase 1. Additionally, we also made suggestions for Phase 2 layouts that they could implement when the construction began.

We aimed to test out the machinery and area to optimize every aspect of them. By doing this, we cut down on operating costs, occupational hazards, and malfunctions.

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