Process And Detail Engineering Consultation For Pigment Manufacturing Facility

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Shiva Engineering Services is a perfect amalgamation of cutting-edge technology, expertise, advanced software, and vision. Founded in 2009, SES is one of the leading engineering consultants in India. We provide services as process engineering consultant, detail engineering consultant, for pigment manufacturing plants. We can do projects from scratch or upgrade your pre-existing systems to more advanced, modern technology. 

Our engineers are experts in the domain with years of experience to back it up. Shiva engineering consultant operates as a fully independent, certified company that takes up projects from pre-project planning, structural & detail engineering, and process management. 

For pigment manufacturing plants, two of our best modes are-

  • Brownfield & Greenfield projects
  • EPCM

Brownfield & Greenfield Projects

As a reputed process & detailed engineering consultant, our methods include various processes to vouchsafe every aspect. Our brownfield and greenfield applications include

– As-built facility conditions

Our advanced 3D laser scanning services can help create a digital twin pre-construction. These would help you have an exact visual of what it’d look like. It would be useful if you plan to renovate it later, too.

  • Facilitates into the design process
  • Demolition planning
  • Installation planning
  • Construction logistics
  • Tie-in point validations
  • Pre-installation fabrication & verification 


  • More space
  • No contamination or safety hazard
  • Can expand the plant in future
  • Budget-friendly
  • Flexibility to install larger tools


The concept and design studies are the most important stage where everything is evaluated and modified. We analyze the feasibility of all aspects regarding the project and manage the cost estimations too. Our EPCM services include but aren’t limited to

  • Concept engineering
  • Detail engineering 
  • Process engineering consultancy
  • What-if analysis and audits
  • De-pressurization studies
  • Value engineering & constructability
  • De-bottlenecking
  • Site supervision
  • Process safety programs
  • Capital reduction model
  • Assistance in statutory approvals
  • Material handling & procurement

Detail engineering consultant

For detail engineering, required data is extracted from concept designs and estimations to build a proper model for fabrications, productions, and safety processes. Our detailed engineering includes

  • Procurement & machinery- From finding the best contractors to top-notch equipment, we will help you find the best options in your budget.
  • Process management- We test & optimize every process to ensure you get the best possible results in everything.
  • De-bottlenecking & modifications- If at any point, you need any modifications or there’s an issue, our team can resolve the conflict and take care of upgrades swiftly.
  • Start-up support- We provide support and consultancy to budding start-ups to help manage the risks and costs.
  • Dust Control, Fire management- Safety is important no matter which sector it is, we will train you for possible scenarios.
  • Feasibility & planning- Even a single malfunction or low-level result can do a lot of damage to the entire system. Our feasibility tests ensure everything is in the best conditions.
  • Digital solutions- Our advanced technology and expertise can provide you with fully colored 3D designs of your plans, program your machines for specific instructions, and also remote monitoring systems.

These are only some of the services from our diverse and broad range. For more details, please refer to the brochure.


The pigment manufacturing industry has been growing rapidly. With that, comes modern tools & highly advanced technologies. Shiva Engineering Services understands that every project is different even if they are from the same sector. Our working process is to understand our clients’ vision, aim and budget to tailor a fully optimized and cost-effective solution. With years of experience, our team is prepared to tackle any conflict that might arise in such situations. We also work with chemicals, paints, and inks; you can trust us to know all materials. For more details, please contact us.

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