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The skyline of modern India is dotted with the silhouettes of progress—towering chimneys and sprawling industrial complexes. These process plants, the beating hearts of various industries, are the engines that propel our nation’s economic growth, fuel innovation, and pave the way for a sustainable future. At Shiva Engineering Services (SES), we take immense pride in participating in this transformative journey as a leading process plant engineering and construction company. Our comprehensive suite of plant engineering services in India, from FEED to commissioning and start-up, ensures every step of the process is optimized for efficiency, safety, and environmental responsibility. Partnering with SES means partnering with a team of passionate professionals driven to deliver high-quality engineering consulting services in India.  They prioritize sustainable process plant solutions that contribute to India’s industrial growth, technological innovation, and a greener tomorrow.

Building the Backbones of Industry: The Power of Process Plants

SES specializes in the construction management and engineering consultancy for these vital installations, focusing on critical areas:

  • Oil & Gas Processing

Our expertise lies in site master planning and constructing efficient and safe facilities for the entire oil and gas value chain. We understand the intricacies of upstream exploration and production facilities. We have experience with pipeline construction, pumping stations, and storage terminals for midstream transportation. Downstream operations benefit from our chemical process consultancy for building refineries, natural gas processing plants, and storage terminals with optimal resource utilization and adherence to stringent safety regulations.

  • Chemical & Petrochemical Plants

Handling hazardous materials requires a specialized skill set. Our team of experienced engineers delivers high-quality construction solutions and engineering consultancy for the speciality chemical industry. We prioritize using corrosion-resistant materials, robust containment systems, and advanced leak detection technologies to ensure safe and efficient operation. 

Our commitment as a process plant engineering and construction company extends beyond core construction. We leverage BIM to optimize plant layout, ensure proper equipment fitment, and minimize construction delays. Site master planning through BIM also facilitates clash detection before construction begins, saving time and resources.

The Multifaceted Societal Impact of Responsible Process Plant Construction

Plant engineering services in India

Here’s how SES contributes to a brighter future for India in several ways:

  1. Economic Engine

From engineers and project managers specializing in engineering consultancy for the speciality chemical industry to construction workers skilled in welding, piping installation, and instrumentation, process plant construction creates a significant demand for skilled labour. The multiplier effect of this employment creation extends beyond the construction phase, as operational plants require ongoing maintenance and operation personnel, further stimulating the economy.

  1. Fueling Innovation

SES’s expertise in process plant engineering services in India for the R&D and pilot plant sectors paves the way for groundbreaking advancements in various fields. We understand the specialized requirements of pilot plants, such as modular designs for flexibility and scalability to accommodate process experimentation. As a process plant engineering and construction company, our role uniquely positions us to contribute to India’s research and development efforts by leveraging our experience in constructing facilities for biofuels, clean energy technologies, and life sciences sectors.

  1. Sustainable Solutions

We focus on aspects like waste minimization, energy efficiency, and adopting cleaner technologies—our engineering consultancy pioneers cutting-edge methodologies to engineer wastewater treatment plants that meet stringent environmental regulations. We combine physical, chemical, and biological treatment processes to remove pollutants and ensure responsible water management.


The future belongs to those who can harness innovation for a sustainable tomorrow. That’s why we go beyond mere construction, offering a future-oriented approach that integrates cutting-edge technologies and prioritizes eco-friendly practices. We innovate through R&D, fuel advancements in clean energy, and empower the Indian workforce through high-demand job creation.

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