What are the services provided by engineering consulting?

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EPCM consultants in India have expertise in managing technical projects for multiple clients simultaneously. Engineering consultancy services in India are employed to handle technical and non-technical proposals, starting from the pre-planning phase to the construction & technology aspect of the project. They are in charge of the layout, designs, technology, budgeting, and construction of the project. Their services are multi-faceted, meant to accommodate all the needs that are common in engineering projects.

What services are provided by engineering consultancies?

Engineering design services in India can adapt to the wide range of services entailed in an engineering project. An engineering consultant offers a wide range of services that also supervises tasks such as document preparation, team coordination, & operation planning. A skilled engineering consultant is well-acquainted in all areas of engineering to discern various projects simultaneously. Engineering consultancy for the speciality chemical industry needs to frequently visit the plant or site to check for inconsistencies, malfunctions, and other problems. The main duty of an engineering consultant is to offer their expertise or knowledge to the clients and help them develop the project in the most optimized way.

  • Project planning

EPCM consultants in India can help you check your project plan for loopholes, feasibility, and possible budget issues, and can also offer advice on the type of tools & software that your project would require. This saves you time, money, and effort as removing, adding, or renovating anything once it’s already set up would cost you significantly, not to mention would require more effort from your end. Engineering consultancy services in India can also help you conduct feasibility tests and assign a proper budget to ensure there are no hurdles later on in the project. Feasibility tests help project owners decide if the plans & goals are achievable or not. It also helps optimize the project to the best of its capacity.

  • Designing & layouts

EPCM consultants in India offer diverse designing & layout services for both technical and non-technical projects. Whether it’s a refinery, construction firm, or chemical plant, the layout and design of the place are significant to its efficiency, productivity, & environment. The consultants can help you make sure the project is built in a way that makes the working environment safe for the workers, the equipment fits in its proper places without any issue, and the operations are carried out without any hassle.

  • Budgets

Sometimes predetermined budgets can turn out to be insufficient. Managing the funds smartly is key to not losing money. Assigning a proper budget for every task and element, making sure the quality is good without overspending on anything. No matter what’s your budget, engineering consultants can help you utilize it in the best way possible.


EPCM consultants in India have seen a major incline in the demand in the market over the past few years. Engineering consultants are now more in demand than ever for technical and non-technical projects small and large-scale projects. This gives engineering consultants a deeper knowledge of everything; supply chain, inventory, designing, budgets, construction, and risk management. Once the project is finished, the consultant moves on to the next project. Most EPCM consultants in India present themselves as specialists on technical projects of both short-term & long-term. If you are looking for sustainable, economical, & advanced engineering consultancy, Shiva Engineering Services offers comprehensive services, tailored to fit your project requirements. Please contact us for a quote or to know more about our engineering consulting services.

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