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Over the past few years, the chemical process consultancy industry has seen huge growth in the specialty chemical sector. Specialty chemicals are also called performance chemicals because of their unique configurations which aim to achieve specific characteristics. They also consist of complex compounds or unique molecules which are called formulations. With specialty chemicals, the manufacturers have to work very closely with & support the end users. This makes the industry stand out from the more commoditized sectors like petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals. The commodity chemical products of a manufacturer are usually interchangeable with that of another manufacturer.

Engineering services in India for specialty chemical

Specialty chemical plants have complications; convoluted working processes & infrastructure needs regular monitoring and adjustments to ensure the production capacity is optimized. Engineering consultancy for the specialty chemical industry can optimize the processes, procure better quality raw materials, improve their formulations, and keep their systems updated for better productivity and efficiency. Here are some aspects plant engineering services in India could help with in the specialty chemical industry-

Equipment specifications : It’s important that you use the right tools, materials, and equipment to get the best results and quality. Plant engineering services in India can help you get the right size and specifications for equipment to manufacture the best products.

Operational process optimization: From procuring high-quality raw materials to using them in the best way possible and proper execution and planning of how to manufacture them to their best capacity, chemical plant consultancy can help you work out the finer details of a project to optimize the different working processes a specialty chemical plant has.

Engineering & designing: Engineering consultancy for the specialty chemical industry helps plant owners design and engineer the more complicated details of the operation to ensure all the processes run smoothly with one another. This would greatly reduce accidents, and malfunctions, and make the plant a safer place to work for the workers.

Shiva Engineering Services for the specialty chemical industry

Shiva engineering services is one of the most reputed plant engineering consultancy in India with a stellar track record of helping specialty chemical industries in achieving their goals & optimize their processes to match their goals. We have built a strong reputation for delivering well-thought-out plans and layouts that leverage advanced technology with a primary focus on sustainability and safety. Here are some of the multifaceted areas we cover under our solutions:-

  1. HVAC: Having a proper ventilation system is important to ensure the working conditions are good.
  2. Electrical solutions: The productivity and efficiency of a specialty chemical plant depend largely on its electrical system. Building a well-integrated, sound system is crucial to ensure the plant works at its peak. We can achieve that for you.
  3. Mechanical: Specialty chemicals need a lot of mechanical and technical support to yield high-quality results. Our engineers can create a sound support system that can give the plant the kind of support it needs.
  4. Feasibility tests: A crucial step is to run feasibility tests for every aspect of a specialty chemical plant. This helps cut out bottlenecks, malfunctions, and inconsistencies before they escalate.


Our plant engineering consultancy services can help you design and modify your specialty chemical plant to your vision while adhering to the best industry standards. Our engineering team ensures your vision aligns realistically with the output and that you set achievable goals that grow your plant. For more information regarding our services, send us a query.

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