Laser Scanning for Bromination Facility

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As the digital world evolves, many traditional processes across different industries are being made less efficient or redundant. In the engineering industry, this is the case, with time-old processes and tools being replaced in favour of safer, quicker, and more cost-effective processes. 3D laser scanning services in India are one such tool that’s becoming an increasingly viable option for spatial scientists, surveyors, and engineers looking to streamline those methods and be more efficient.

Shiva Engineering Services is focused on quality and efficiency in all that we do. The way of collecting data has evolved over recent years. Field information once used to be collected by a team of engineers with clipboards and measuring tapes, is now replaced by HD digital surveying instruments run by field engineers. 3D laser scanning services in India are our preferred method of documenting field information, as it offers several advantages over traditional methods of collecting data.

Advantages of laser scanning for chemical industry

  • Accuracy:

3D measurement of equipment, facilities, and site features can be measured with a high degree of accuracy; much quicker & efficient than manual measurements.

  • HD Color Images:

Scanning deliverables include an active 3D colour photo of the site, with a picture resolution of up to 165 megapixels.

  • Speed:

Laser scanning for chemical industry can capture 976,000 data points per second. This leads to capturing a high volume of information with only one trip to the project site.

  • Safety:

Scanning existing infrastructure or equipment features can be done from a safe distance using Class 1 laser technology (eye-safe). Shiva Engineering Services can depict piping tie-points, or even identify exact piping and structural steel structure sizes from a safe distance at grade level.

  • Accelerate Project Schedule:

Collecting accurate & precise field data is the first step in almost all projects. Scanning enables the collection of billions of data points in a matter of minutes and hours.

  • As-Built Conditions:

Scanning existing facilities will accurately locate and measure all features of your building, manufacturing equipment and utilities. Information from the laser scans is then used to create AutoCAD backgrounds for building & layout documentation, or 3D colour pictures for coordination with plant owners. Additionally, the colour scanning imagery can be combined into a virtual training instruction to help the employees easily become familiar with the plant machinery, and their general surroundings.

  • Interference Reduction:

The use of 3D laser scanning services in India allows engineers to build 3D models with the scanned data and better identify interference points with new systems and structures.

  • Automated 3D Model Development:

Once the laser scanning is complete, Shiva Engineering Services use software to pre-set the fabrication of 3D design models. Our software is capable of recognizing plant assets including structural steel shapes and piping from the point cloud scans. This feature allows us to computerize the making of the 3D model using specific objects from the scanned data.


Accuracy, time, effect, & safety are paramount at every stage of laser scanning for chemical industry; production & distribution in bromination facilities will be two game changers. Imprecise measures and half-hearted efforts can cause safety issues or create scheduling issues that delay the projects and end up costing money, so every opportunity to reduce the risk & error has consequences.

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