Laser Scanning in Construction

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Laser scanning services in India may have started in the manufacturing and processing industries first but more industries have incorporated it to optimize their day-to-day operational tasks. According to studies, the demand for laser scanning in the construction industry has increased by 57% globally.

The benefits of laser scanning in construction are that it captures information quickly and accurately, providing you with the results immediately. Laser scanning services in India are also less expensive compared to traditional surveying methods. You will be cutting down on cost, manpower, and time significantly by implementing laser scanning services in India.

Laser scanning in construction

Laser scanning services in India, also called high-definition surveying, use a laser to capture detailed information accurately on a construction site. Laser technology captures the spatial relationship of objects and their dimension with the line of a laser sight. The scanners produce a point cloud image that accurately replicates the actual object and its specifications.

Laser scanning applications in the construction industry

Engineering consultancy services in India are adapting laser scanning for surveying construction sites. But how exactly is the laser technology used for sites? Here are some common applications:

  • Design

Engineering services in India use laser scanning for site design. The scan to BMI methods helps the architects to understand the minute details to start the construction process and manage the entire operation. After the scans are done, the point cloud data is used to create a 3D model. You can choose to create an intricate MEP model or finely detailed models instead.

  • Construction coordination

To avoid conflicts between the structures such as the HVAC system, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical structures, engineering consultants in India implement laser scanning. The coordinates are captured via laser scanners and the data is then shared with all the involved parties to ensure there’s no clash. The best part is the scanning can be done at any point during the construction stage.

  • Clash detection

Lots of machines and equipment are needed on the site in a construction project. Sometimes the size and specifications can get confusing. Laser scanning services in India can help you detect the right size and specifications so you can avoid clashes.

  • Retrofits & renovations

Engineering consultants in India can help you create as-built records with the help of laser scanning. This information can be used during demolitions, renovations, retrofits, and building operations to accurately manage the processes. The as-built data acts as an archive of all structures and objects.

If you are renovating the site, the as-built data can also be used to compare the latest designs with the as-built models to analyze the current ideas against pre-construction & post-construction designs.

Benefits of using laser scanning in construction

Using laser scanning services in India has many advantages for the construction industry. Here are some benefits of implementing laser scanning services in India.

  1. Laser scans capture data 100% accurately and takes drastically less time compared to traditional surveying methods.
  2. Laser scanning helps engineering consultants in India detect inconsistencies and discrepancies before they escalate.
  3. Laser scans provide you with the result immediately. There’s no processing or preparation time. They are done whenever you need to perform the scans.
  4. Laser scanning helps improves the designs and processes since they capture data accurately in real-time.


Laser scanning services in India are evolving every day. Engineering consultancy services in India are constantly keeping up with the latest trends and practices to do their best. Using laser scanning in your construction site can be a learning curve but it can drastically optimize the operational processes.

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