Key Considerations for Designing Chemical Plants in the Specialty Chemical Industry

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The specialty chemical industry faces numerous challenges, including raw material procurement, logistics issues, global competition, low capacity utilization, and underinvestment in R&D. Shiva Engineering Services provides specialized engineering consultancy for the specialty chemical industry that can help develop solutions tailored to these challenges to ensure safety, and optimize the production process, leading to increased efficiency and competitiveness in the global market.

SES has a strong reputation in the industry for its chemical process consultancy expertise in designing plants for a wide range of specialty chemical products, including pigments, inks, paints, re-finishes, rubber chemicals, personal care chemicals, elastomers, and much more. As a leading provider of engineering consultancy in Gujarat, our team of seasoned process design engineers has extensive experience in customizing front-end engineering design (FEED) packages for bench scale, pilot plant, and full-scale chemical plants.

Our Engineering Consultancy in Gujarat for Designing Next-gen Specialty Chemical Plants

SES understands the complexities of the specialty chemical industry and has the expertise to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions to our clients. We offer comprehensive design engineering consultancy for the specialty chemical industry to assist our clients in developing next-generation process plants. Our holistic approach towards chemical process consultancy covers all aspects of plant design:

  • Development of a technological scheme: We identify the best process route and selection of major equipment, such as pumps, reactors, heat exchangers, and distillation columns.
  • Conducting environmental research: Our engineering consultancy in Gujarat can help you detect environmental impacts and develop plans to mitigate these impacts.
  • Organization of operation: SES develops operating procedures, staffing plans, and training requirements
  • Development of a pilot plant flow chart: It involves our FEED services for creating process flow diagrams (PFDs) and Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs) to identify process bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement.
  • Sizing and detailed engineering design of the complete set of equipment: Our engineering consultancy for the specialty chemical industry provides dynamic simulation and modelling of complex chemical reactions through GA layout drawings & 3D designs, enabling visualization and walk-throughs of the plant design.

Critical Considerations for Future-proofing Your Plant Design with Our Engineering Consultancy in Gujarat

  1. Site Selection: The plant’s location can affect the cost of production and distribution, availability and price of raw materials, transportation facilities, availability of labor, water supply, energy availability (power and fuel), and climate.
  2. Physical and Chemical Properties of Raw Materials: Our chemical process consultancy closely weighs the impact of these properties on the process design, e.g., the chemical composition can affect reaction kinetics, thermodynamics, product quality, and safety, while the viscosity can affect flow characteristics and pumping requirements.
  3. Environmental and Safety Considerations: Our engineering consultancy for the specialty chemical industry thoroughly inspects chemical processes involving hazardous materials that pose risks to workers and the environment and implements appropriate safety measures.
  4. Storage: The appropriate storage facilities and tanks can help ensure the safe and efficient storage of materials, reduce material losses and air pollution, and reduce fire and explosion risks, leading to a more sustainable plant design.
  5. Utilities: They are usually provided by a central site facility and include electricity, steam for process heating, cooling water, demineralized water, etc. Designing and optimizing the utility systems is vital to meet the plant’s current and future needs.


Shiva Engineering Services is a leading provider of specialized engineering consultancy in Gujarat, offering custom solutions to design future-proof specialty chemical plants that optimize the production process and ensure safety. Our expertise covers all aspects of chemical process consultancy, including site selection, raw materials properties, safety measures, storage facilities, and utilities, making us the go-to consultancy for specialty chemical industry clients.

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