Basic And Detailed Engineering For Speciality Chemical Plants

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With a combination of a dedicated, industry-skilled team with cutting-edge technology, Shiva Engineering Services provides advanced detailed engineering services in India, tailored to meet their business needs. Shiva Engineering’s highly multi-faceted team of engineers have extensive basic and detailed engineering knowledge for oil plants, refineries, petrochemicals, gasification, and speciality chemical plants. With hundreds of successful projects under our belt, Shiva Engineering is one of the best project management consultants in India. 

Shiva Engineering offers basic and detailed engineering services in India through two models-

  • Engineering integration centre for EPCM contracts
  • Engineering solutions for Greenfield & Brownfield projects
Engineering integration centre for EPCM contracts

Shiva Engineering Services is one of the most reliable engineering design services companies in India due to our wide array of services. We serve as a seamless extended part of the engineering & designing division of EPCM companies, through both remote engineering solutions & on-site engineering team. Our remote office setup is specially built to provide our clients with the most advanced and extensive, detailed engineering services in India. 

Engineering services for Greenfield and Brownfield projects

Shiva Engineering Services provides end-to-end engineering services in India that weave advanced technology with the best practice approaches in which qualified engineers optimize designs routinely. We offer an assemblage of customized basic and detailed engineering services in India to meet the diverse needs of our speciality chemical plant clients.

Our process design services include-
  • Concept designing
  • Basic engineering designs
  • Front-end engineering design
  • Detail engineering designs
Concept designing

In the study phase of concept designing, all possibilities and ideas are evaluated. This would result in a basic concept plan, rough cost estimations & sketches, and a preliminary schedule. At Shiva Engineering Services, we evaluate all possible processes to test out the feasibilities and economic viabilities for developing the project scope and to define the starting phases that need to be followed. We are one of the few project management consultants in India that offer such immersive concept designing services for speciality chemical plants.

Our concept design includes-
  • Literature survey
  • Developing ideas from scratch
  • Concept development
  • Concept refinement
  • Order of magnitude cost
Basic Engineering Designs

The basic engineering designing services offered by Shiva Engineering include core documentation projects such as process flow diagrams, piping & instrumentation diagrams, heat & mass balance, basic equipment sizing, equipment specifications, conceptual equipment layout, and operational philosophy. We offer a whole array of detailed engineering services in India.

This includes-
  • Utility consumption figures
  • Preliminary plot plan
  • Conceptual process studies
  • Analysis of the safety valve
  • The master layout of the plant
Front-End Engineering Design

Our extensive experience as one of the reputed engineering design services companies in India facilitates our clients to have FEED that reflects all their technical requirements and avoid any sudden changes during the execution phase.
Our front-end engineering designs include-

  • Feasibility studies
  • Preparation of the specifications
  • Basis of designs
  • Mechanical data sheets for equipment
  • More details on the piping, instrumental, & mechanical structures
Detail engineering

Our detailed engineering services in India include the extraction of crucial information from the basic engineering drawings and specifications to create the exact drawings for detailed engineering, fabrications, and execution. This means you will have the precise measurements, designs, layouts, and details of the entire project along with required quantities and cost estimations. 


Shiva Engineering Services has been providing engineering services in India for over a decade. With thousands of successful case studies and years of extensive knowledge, we have been able to provide numerous speciality chemical plants with the critical solutions that they had been worrying over. Reach out to us today if you have any projects.

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