Engineering Consultancy For Chemical Companies In Thailand, Malaysia & South East Asia

Our Services

Once the pre-planning is done for a plant or company, designing and engineering are the second-most important things in chemical companies. Our Engineering consultancy services are an umbrella term that covers procurement, electrical cabling, construction, optimizations or upgrades, and project management. Each of these processes requires immaculate attention to detail and in-depth knowledge to deliver a fully optimized and functional project. As a leading engineering consultancy in Southeast Asia for chemical plants, Shiva Engineering Services offers diverse and customizable engineering consultancy. 

Our team is known to provide reliable, cost-effective, and long-lasting engineering consultancy solutions. Our advanced work has helped thousands of clients achieve their goals concerning operational efficiency and capital expenditures. 

Materials we handle regularly

Before we dive into the mainstream services, here’s a brief of the materials we handle regularly:

  • Paint & Ink
  • Adhesives
  • Bulk chemicals
  • Pigments
  • Chlorine derivatives
  • Vapour recovery
  • Polymers & plastics
  • Construction chemicals

Services we offer under engineering consultancy

Our engineering consultancy includes procurement, feasibility, inventory management, structural or conceptual engineering. This means we offer a wide range of customizable and cost-friendly solutions:

  • Feasibility test: Not only do we conduct feasibility tests on the plans and equipment, but we also do legal, economical, time, and operation feasibility tests to ensure there’s no error or loophole in your dream project. You deserve a great start, which means making sure your home base is covered. Our team helps you clear the ground, so you can have a stress-free initiation.
  • Facility audit: Reviewing the protocols, assets, equipment, and operational processes to eliminate or reduce malfunctions and mistakes that might have slipped through the inspections. It also includes scrutinizing the maintenance and building conditions to ensure everything aligns with the client’s objectives. 
  • Constructability analysis: Constructability analysis tends to be performed routinely to avoid damages and conflicts. From supervising the construction to procuring the best materials, the team at SES helps you overcome every obstacle and achieve the goals you have set. Every company is unique, and has different requirements. So, our team tries their best to smoothen out all viable concerns the clients might have, and offer tailored solutions accordingly.
  • Cost estimation: Want to get the best suppliers, contracts, and resources without overstepping your fixed budget? Building your chemical company can be daunting. We have no intention of overburdening you by stretching your budget thin. SES can help you negotiate and broker deals that meet your requirements in both quality and cost.

Advantages of our engineering consultancy for a chemical company

  • We have specialized skills that help you develop a sustainable and productive work environment that boosts efficiency.
  • Every service is fully customizable to ensure they fit every client’s requirement. Every chemical plant would require unique structures and are engineered differently. So we understand the processes in these plants will also differ.
  • We also offer other advanced services such as technical bid analysis, commissioning, budget estimation, and 3D laser scanning that would be incredibly helpful for chemical plants.
  • One of our key strengths is creating sophisticated mechanical and structural engineering models. From pipelines to electrical cabling, we can take on any challenge. That’s what makes us one of the best engineering consultancies in Southeast Asia for chemical plants.


Shiva Engineering manages projects from the pre-planning phase to completion with fully verified chemical plants. We provide our clients with risk analysis, cost estimations, conceptual and detailed engineering plans that allow them to eliminate the non-workable or redundant parts. Our extensive and tech-savvy experience, combined with powerful technology, can deliver the best solutions. The determination and knowledge have enabled us to be a leading engineering consultancy for a chemical company.

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