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With over 12 years of experience, Shiva Engineering Services is a plant engineering services provider among the oil, refineries, agrochemicals, gas, petrochemicals, chemicals, and other processing industries. We offer creative and cost-friendly plant engineering services during as-built designing, conceptual engineering, maintenance & troubleshooting, brownfield, greenfield, and other various stages of a project.

We understand that an engineering plant aims to maintain a productive work environment with high revenue annually. That depends largely on the quality of the equipment and optimal work procedures. Our plant engineering consultants offer a wide variety of support for mechanical, electrical, construction, and piping among other things. 

Our Services

We are a multifaceted plant engineering company that provides customizable solutions across different industries for different problems. Here’s a rundown of what we can do for you, depending on your industry or the issue-

  • Skid-based design-build solutions:  
    Shiva Engineering Services, at its current capacity, can carry out standalone skid-based design-build solutions for unit operations and processes. We offer complete design-build solutions for plant engineering services for designing, layouts, fabrication, inspections, and assessments. Our plant engineering company has delivered numerous, successful, modular semi-knocked down pilot plants for oil & gas metering along with polypropylene.
    Here’s what you can expect from us under skid-based design-build solutions under our dynamic plant engineering services-
  • Vapour recovery skid
  • Skid-based pilot plants
  • Pressure reduction skids
  • Oil sludge skids
  • Chemical injection skids
  • Metering skids for condensate, oil, & gas
  • Oil sludge treatment skid
  • Modular design & construction
    Modular constructions and designs are a popular choice as compared to traditional site-built constructions when looking for flexibility, agility, and accurate but fast execution. Shiva Engineering offers a wide range of design engineering services under the umbrella term of plant engineering services for modular designs such as 2D drafting models, 3D models, concept analysis, and layouts. 
    We have proven experience and a dynamic team of professionals to provide top-notch plant engineering services across India. We approach modular designs with methodical precision to ensure we deliver the best. Our approach includes the following steps-
  • Designing, engineering, permits, approval
  • Site preparation & foundation
  • Manufacturing process
  • Site installations & finishing

Our guarantee to all our customers is that there would be minimum wastage and we will deliver the project to you faster than our competitors would.
In case you would prefer the traditional site-built constructions, our steps are similar with a few exceptions-

  • Designing, engineering, permits, approval
  • Site preparation
  • Civil engineering & foundation
  • Site construction
Advantages of hiring us as a plant engineering consultant
  • Manage & implement proper guidelines to oversee the manufacturing process.
  • We will monitor all procedures, arrange performance appraisals, and recommend training programs as & if required.
  • We cooperate & collaborate with the different departments of a plant to maintain the integrity of the equipment.
  • We do regular audits on safety control programs. Additionally, we offer safety training programs too if needed.
  • Our team monitors & resolves all maintenance issues. We also suggest changes for optimizations if required.

Shiva Engineering Services has been a major key player in the plant engineering services sector for over a decade. We have sealed our reputation as a trustworthy plant engineering company by delivering successful projects before deadlines. 

In our time of providing cost-effective but modern plant engineering services, we have worked with numerous clients from various industries to beat the challenges they are facing in their respective sectors. Our hands-on experience combined with modern technology makes us well-equipped to offer unbiased services as a renowned plant engineering consultant in India. 

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