What are the agrochemical industry’s requirements, and why do they require engineering consultants to grow?

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Agrochemicals and pesticides can boost the production and operational efficiencies of the agriculture industry of India significantly. The age-old processes, that are in place, need observation and heavy modifications to bring them up to speed. From safety procedures and regulations to equipment, the agrochemical industry has been subjected to various changes and experiments. Chemical process consultancy has become one of the most sought-after services because of the growing demand.

Project management consultancy services in India have become a staunch support system to the agrochemical industry by offering a plethora of engineering services in India. From offering diverse knowledge of the industry to optimizing operational tasks; EPCM consultants in India have been slowly transforming the way things work in the agrochemical industry.

Here are some of the biggest issues the agrochemical industry is facing currently and how chemical process consultancy can help overcome them

1 Regulatory & scientific support

Chemical process consultancy for regulatory and scientific support includes safety assessment, risk management, regulatory support, scientific reviews, and analysis. EPCM consultants in India provide you with submissions, regulatory strategies, read cross arguments, substantiate waivers, residue tolerance, exposure limits, product safety, and also run work environment safety tests, efficacy evaluations, and more. This would ensure every task is optimized and as risk-free as possible for the people working in the plant.

2 Supply chain management

Owing to the complexities and shortages in the supply chain along with the logistical inefficiencies, quite a lot of the inventory and stocks end up damaged or lost. EPCM consultants in India can help you set up proper agrochemical units and avoid supply chain hiccups altogether. Having better resources and systems in place can also help plants reduce transportation costs and damage risks.

3 Lack of awareness in rural areas

Agrochemical plants in urban areas have more access to accurate information, and advanced resources, and hence have more privilege than the smaller plants in rural areas. Engineering services in India have evolved tremendously in the past years. Information is readily available in various mediums, chemical process consultancies can help people find the right resources, and optimize the working processes to boost productivity. Project management consultancy services in India can also provide the workers with proper knowledge about the raw materials and which ones to use.

4 Counterfeit materials

Fake materials and products run amok in the agrochemical industry. Using counterfeit material is a sure-shot way of messing up the process and products. Another raising issue is selling substandard materials and products at high rates. All this can affect the revenues and customer base of an agrochemical plant adversely. Engineering services in India have constantly been hard at work, trying to raise awareness about authenticity around raw materials and equipment to avoid such hazards. Ensuring people know how to test out the authenticity of something and avoid substandard or counterfeit products is a big step in ensuring the quality of agrochemicals.


India is currently the fourth-biggest manufacturer of agrochemicals and is a dominating player in the import market. However, as the industry grows exponentially every day, the challenges and hurdles become more prominent than ever. This is where chemical process consultancies and EPCM consultants in India come in handy. From offering in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of the industry to providing insights into how best to manage operational tasks, chemical process consultants are a multifaceted force that can enhance the agrochemical industry’s standard of delivery and operational methods.

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